Top 5 Best Comics of March 2011


I read 21 comics in March, and these were the best.

5. Punisher MAX #11

What a great month for comics this was. It’s one of the few times where I could come up with a top ten list that would be legitimately brain-shattering. This Bullseye arc has been tremendous, but it lost its way while Steve Dillon was busy being sick and making money. I’m so happy Alonso let Steve Dillon get back on schedule, and the art was certainly worth the wait. Unfortunately, Aaron changed things around a bit. A new issue suddenly sprung up, and though #10 was consummately executed and all of that, it remains nearly unnecessary, with this ending’s conclusion being a copout. Would it have been that bad if we heard what Bullseye said? In Aaron’s defense, I support the decision to prolong his death. Upon rereading, Bullseye was referenced in the first issue, so this series has been about him all along.

4. Xombi #1

Max Schreck running around the real world sucking idiots for sustenance on the first page? Sold! No, I didn’t read any of the old series, but this new stuff is gold, beautifully rendered Frazer Irving gold! He’s a perfect artist to digitally concoct all of Rozum’s madcap ideas. Talking money? Miniaturized prisoners impaled by scissors? Murderous snow angels? Nun of the Above and Catholic Girl? Yes, I like this comic very much.

3. Detective Comics #875

You can find my full thoughts here
. Scott Snyder’s finest? Quite probably.

2. The Walking Dead #83

Every time this comic makes the list, I feel the need to defend its absence on every list it doesn’t make. This comic is that good. It’s a shame it takes major events for me to stand up and take notice, but that’s the nature of the beast. This comic is addictive as hell. It has a beating heart, and when it kicks, it kicks HARD. This issue is absolutely brutal, and somehow a bit funny. Don’t think for a second that Carl’s sympathetic. He’s still a ball of crazy. Another Governor on the rise…

1. Batman Inc. #4

Well played, Chris Burnham. I adore Yanick Paquette. Always have, even going back to all those nekkid ladies in Codename Knockout. His work on this title has been superb, even though Michael Lacombe’s heavy-handed inking has hindered him a bit, but man, Burham killed this issue, dug it up, and stylistically killed it again. You saw his work on Batman and Robin #16, where he was doing that Quitely shtick. That continues here, and Burnham’s also thrown a lot of JH Williams into the mix. Ontop of that, Nathan Fairbairn is doing a Dave Stewart impression. Why not imitate the best artistic team working in comics today? It’s more than just homage. Burham brings such energy to his line, with that feeling that he just looooves his job. That’s the perfect tone for this comic. Grant Morrison’s reading a hell of a lot of old Batman comics these days, and he wants us all to share his love for them. With that in mind, Burnham might just be the perfect fit for this glove.

-Bruce Castle

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