Nemesis review

This isn’t specifically a review of the fourth issue, although that’s included. More so it’s a review of the series in general.

Well, now what can I say about Nemesis? Maybe that it’s really f-ing insane? Because that pretty much covers it. Okay, so for those not in the know, Nemesis is a Mark Millar comic under the Icon imprint, like Kick-Ass and the more recent Superior. It’s part of Mark Millar making his own characters to do what he wants with in a universe that’s completely under his control. In it, Nemesis, the world’s greatest super-villain, goes around killing police chiefs all over the world, deciding to focus his efforts on the top cop in Washington DC. Well, I say he’s the greatest super-villain, but really, he’s the only super-villain, as there aren’t superpowers (like Kick-Ass) and he’s the only guy who dresses up in a costume to cause havoc. The story is about Nemesis vs the police chief, who is really good at his job, such that he might cause a challenge for Nemesis, who hasn’t been met with good resistance in his career.

The comic itself is very violent and bloody, with swearing as need be, considering the insanity and violence that abound. It’s like Kick-Ass in that regard, in that real people generally swear when stuff gets crazy and they stop caring about politeness and want to let off some steam when they can. Mostly, as described even by Millar (I think, at least), Nemesis is almost like what would happen if Bruce Wayne decided to become a villain, with his fancy gadgets and insane skill (two examples of Batmanish behavior are when he pulls a The Dark Knight and pops a motorcycle out of his broken car and when he fights just under 100 prison guards, beating every single one of them by himself). The hype for the comic was that it was supposed to be better than Kick-Ass, and it doesn’t quite live up to that, but it still is crazy in good ways.

Now how do I feel about Nemesis? Well, I’d recommend it for anyone who likes Batman, likes Kick-Ass and wondered what would happen if Batman was a villain with no other villains or heroes in the world. It’s not for everyone, just like Kick-Ass isn’t. Some people might get turned off by the violence and profanity. If that’s you, then that’s okay, it’s not for you. If you like violence and profanity, then you’ll enjoy those parts of Nemesis. If you don’t want to see things that don’t make sense in the real world, something that would turn you off of regular superhero comics, you’d probably still be annoyed by this, because while there aren’t superpowers, Nemesis does crazy things beyond the realm of possibility. Okay, not beyond, but pushing it far enough that it’s not worth mentioning. A lot of the things he does aren’t realistic in a real life situation, even though it’s supposed to be a world more like ours without superpowers.

I do have to say that I enjoyed each issue of Nemesis. I’m not saying that each issue was great, but each issue was fun. The first issue has him kidnapping the president and he rides Air Force One. The second issue has him leading the police on a chase where he rides off on his motorcycle coming out of his car. The third has him beating up 97 prison guards and impregnating the police chief’s daughter with the police chief’s gay son’s sperm, rigging her womb so that an abortion would render her infertile. The fourth has a silly fight scene and ends with a ridiculous cliffhanger twist of stupidity that’s awesome and stupid all at the same time. It’s really just a fun comic series. It’s not serious at all and you shouldn’t take it seriously, but just as a fun popcorn comic.


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