Incubator Press

Hey there, readers.  Cal here.  Do you like me?  Do you hate me?  Are your minds not made up about me?

Whatever your answer, scoot on over to Incubator Press and read the author bio on me, and then find some way to read the estimable “Food Chain: Tipping Point” anthology of zombie comics.  Why should you do these things?  Have I read “Food Chain: Tipping Point”?

No!  But my short story, “Compromise”, is IN that anthology, and having read the script for that particular story, I can promise you this: it’s pretty okay!  Reviews back me up on that, too: Project Fanboy said of my contribution, “not a great story,” and “the character’s motivations are not as clear as they could be.” But with the magic of pull quotes, I’d like to point out that they also called it “mostly successful,” a “solid story” with “emotional resonance”.  They also recommended it.

All joking aside, the first review was very favorable, giving the anthology four out of five stars and praising the amount and quality of the content you get.  Go read the review yourselves, and then go buy the comic. I assure you, you might not regret it!

2 thoughts on “Incubator Press

    • Our was definitely the best, but what can you do? Some people just don’t recognize genius.

      Nice work on the art, by the way!

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