Pi’s Comics – November 3rd

Well, I have no idea what the heck is up with Marvel’s online catalog, listed here, but that is not a complete list (or even fully right on the things it does have) for this week. What the heck, Marvel? Sigh… Oh well, here we go again. Oh, and go Giants! WHOO WORLD SERIES!

Chaos War #3

So soon again? Well, yeah, this series is moving very quickly. Honestly, I wish I understood what was going on better and I wish I knew what to think of this series. Here’s how I’ll put it: If you like Hercules and Amadeus Cho, or somehow like Amatsu-Mikaboshi specifically, then you’ll probably like this. If you want to just keep up to date with the Marvel Universe, I really don’t see this having a big lasting impact other than Hercules being alive again (maybe as a supergod), which if you weren’t paying attention to Hercules itself, you might not have even known he was dead. The story doesn’t seem to be something that can be resolved and lead to something else, considering how abstract the battle is getting. I guess characters could come back from the dead or something, but really, you can just get the issue after that explains it all if something important like that happens.

Marvel Holiday Magazine 2010

I really don’t know what’s even in this, so I can’t say much other than that it has Deadpool. Also, it’s a one-shot holiday 2010 issue, so that should be interesting. Oh, and it has the GLA (or GLX/GLI/whatever else they have been called and are being called right now) with Deadpool, so you might get to see Deadpool v Squirrel Girl again. Plus, isn’t that cover awesome?

Taskmaster #3

The issue I am looking forward to most this week, Taskmaster has proven to be one of the most insane and amazing comics I have read. Okay, the name of the issue is “The Town Where Everyone is Hitler.” Need I say more?

Young Allies #6

Well, this series is more interesting than anything. Honestly, the first 5 issues were awkward, but I’m just reading it because of Gravity. The dynamic should be interesting in this issue, though. Firestar was originally introduced through the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends show as a replacement for the Human Torch who couldn’t be used just like how HERBIE was introduced. Then, when she made her appearance in comics, it was originally as a villain in the Hellions, Emma Frost’s anti-New Mutants team. Eventually, she did become a hero, on the New Warriors and the Avengers and Emma became a hero on the X-Men. Now, with both heroes, they are meeting up again, which should be interesting. I don’t think they’ve interacted before when both were heroines. Should be fun.

Secret Six #27

Okay, I love Gail Simone’s writing, but dear Deadpool, I hate Jim Calafiore’s art. I’m pretty sure I’ve bitched before, but every single month, when I get a new Secret Six issue, I’m reminded of how much bad art can affect a story. Good art can do nothing to save a story (for me) as a bad story will be bad no matter what, but a good story can be ruined by bad art. Calafiore’s art was annoying when I read Exiles, and that wasn’t even regularly, but getting random issues here and there. In this, it’s torture, as Gail Simone is one of the best writers I’ve come across and she makes Secret Six an awesome comic, but all of that falls apart when I see Calafiore’s art. If you can stand Calafiore’s art (or even like it somehow), then read Secret Six as Gail Simone is an amazing writer. Otherwise, try the non-Calafiore volumes first and if those are good enough, then try the Calafiore stuff.

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