Pi’s Comics – October 27th (and 20th)

Well, I completely missed last week. How did that happen, you wonder? Baseball. I’m a baseball fan from San Francisco, but I’m currently out on the East Coast, so getting to catch their games is usually hard. Since they made the playoffs, though, their games have been on national broadcasts, meaning I can watch them. So that means that, given that I watched all but one of the 10 games (and the tenth I watched the end of), I spent 30 hours or so on watching baseball, making it a lot harder to concentrate on comics. The World Series starts tonight, so that should be fun. Hopefully I’ll have an edition next week. Oh well.


Chaos War #2

This, and the others from the 20th are going to be more reviews than previews, since they came out a week ago. I really want to like this series, I really do. It has Herc, Amadeus Cho, and now Galactus and the Silver Surfer, but, well, I feel like it’s not relevant to anything. Maybe it’s because it’s not crossing over to anything, I don’t know, but it doesn’t feel like an actual event, and feels more like a What if? story or something like that. Maybe it’s that Hercules isn’t very much like his old self, in terms of his powers, being able to do some ridiculous things. I’m very confused about Herc’s current powers. What are his powers? In this issue, he apparently has the power to fly, freeze time, teleport people (and by people, I mean Sersi, the Silver Surfer, Galactus and Eternity) and, well, that type of power seems absurd. I’m pretty sure that Galactus, being as powerful as he is, would be able to resist teleportation on him if he so desired, and especially Eternity. Herc just casually summoned them. What? Oh, and it doesn’t seem to relate to Thanos Initiative, something that was led into and we could see the leadup a lot more (at least I could) that ALSO HAS GALACTUS AND THE SILVER SURFER. Does this come before or after that? It’s not the same time, because Galactus was apparently just about to feed when Herc summoned him. If before, then I don’t see a lot of danger for Galactus and the Silver Surfer, since they fight the Cancerverse and the Galactus engine afterwards, and it can’t be a long time. Sigh, you know what, whatever. I’ll read the series, and I might get the tie-ins, but I still don’t know how I feel about the series.

Deadpool #28

Let me just say this: DEADPOOL HAS FOUGHT CAPTAIN AMERICA BEFORE! Daniel Way is making it seem like this is the first time Deadpool’s ever come across Captain America before. He hasn’t. Even in the amount of Deadpool I’ve read, they fought in Civil War. He wasn’t all doe-eyed and happy when Cap fought him. He was just fighting him. It’s that type of thing that makes me dislike Way’s writing. He doesn’t seem to know everything about Deadpool, doing his own thing, just assuming that everyone will play along nicely. Ignoring that, it’s pretty good. I really do enjoy seeing Cap fighting Deadpool, and it is very satisfying to see Deadpool actually trying to win a fight against a good opponent. Too often, he doesn’t run across them, which makes him not look as professional. When he actually does encounter really good fighters, though, he’s just as good and can hold his own in a fight. Despite some of his idiocy, Deadpool was able to take out Taskmaster with his hands and feet bound (by his own design). It’s one of my favorite moments for what Taskmaster says afterward, basically saying that Deadpool’s skills and talents were never the issue, it was how crazy he was. He was always a great fighter, but not many people want to hire someone insane.

Kick-Ass 2 #1

Well, they could have come up with a better title, but I blame Millar and Ultimates 2. Why they didn’t just call it Ultimates #14 I don’t know. Sigh… All in all, though, I really liked the issue. It jumps around a little story-wise, but is in general still really interesting. I like that when Kick-Ass fights a couple punks, he shows how much better he’s gotten by being able to pretty much actually take them out. It makes sense that getting into enough fights would eventually make you a better fighter. I loved the Dr. Gravity stuff and I have to say that this looks promising. It still had some of the blood, with a decent amount of violence. My only question is how this can actually be translated into a movie considering how different the movie was from the comic (and how much those differences play a role in this story).


Avengers #6

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this other than that it is Bendis doing crazy stuff. I really do like Bendis doing semi-crazy stuff. The time-travel is pretty stupid (like most time-travel), but whatever. One thing I’ve always wondered about Kang is why he never tried to conquer Earth before the Avengers were founded, or even before superheroes were around. It also always seems that he’s building off of his mistakes and coming back at later dates. That makes little sense. Considering he’s time traveling, you’d think he’d be able to go back to sometime like right after he’s defeated or even better, before he attacked, leaving a guy to just tell himself (when he comes through) that this is a later attempt since he failed the first one. Sigh… I still love Bendis’ dialogue and that has been showcased in both Avengers and New Avengers.

Avengers Vs. Pet Avengers #1

Yeah, I like the Pet Avengers, what about it? Mostly, I read the first stuff because of Lockheed, who has always been one of my favorite characters (one week I had more Lockheed stuff than Deadpool stuff with Pet Avengers and SWORD and only one Deadpool issue). Still, while silly, and while crazy (wait, are they in or out of continuity? I have no idea), it is a fun comic.  I’m looking forward to seeing Thor and Frog-Thor reunite. That should be interesting.

Deadpool Team-Up #888

Finally, the big 888. Well, kind of. Whatever. An issue with the Thing? Sign me up! In terms of recommending whether or not you should read it, I only have this to say: Read it if A) You like Deadpool enough to try it, B) You like the team-up character (in this case, Thing) enough to try it, C) You like the writer enough to try it, or D) You like the artist enough to try it. I go with A every time, and sometimes it’s been good, sometimes it hasn’t. Some writers I’ve really liked, some I haven’t. The problem with a series like this is inconsistency and it’s been a big factor. Still, Thing v Deadpool should be interesting.

Secret Avengers #6

Ugh. I think people like this book, which is still beyond me. I’ve already said this before, but if this particular arc doesn’t draw me in to Secret avengers, I’m dropping the book. It’s too much for a book that just confounds me. When your stealth team consists of War Machine, aka the least subtle armored guy ever and Moon Knight, a guy dressing all in white, you’re running into problems. My main problem is that the team makes no sense, they have no sense of teamwork, they have no sense of being a team, they just seem like random people put together and then thrown into a situation. It’s something that just makes no sense to me.

Thunderbolts #149

Ehhh. Like Secret Avengers, if this arc isn’t good enough, I’m dropping the book. Something it has in common with Deadpool Team-Up is that it lacks consistency. The team has undergone far too many changes in recent times with the theme behind the team changing as well. I personally started reading with New Thunderbolts (well, a little after, but I picked up the issues from New Thunderbolts) and for a long time (about 28 issues or over 2 years) it was about villains who were trying to reform and become heroes. That was fun stuff considering how little they were trusted (something that made me think of Spider-Man or the X-Men). Then, Civil War happened and the team changed into villains that heroes are forcing to pretend to be heroes. That was with Norman Osborn in charge of the team before it changed again when Norman Osborn took over SHIELD (HAMMER) in Dark Reign. Then it became villains that Norman Osborn uses as his black ops team. Each time, it became a very different comic. I really liked the New Thunderbolts stuff with the team trying to actually be heroes (without it being forced upon them), and while it took me some time, the Warren Ellis run was really good (the guy after, not as much). The Dark Reign stuff was almost tolerable, and now it is similar to the Ellis run except dumber. I love Juggernaut, but this doesn’t feel like Juggernaut to me. If they can make Juggernaut like he should be, I’d be fine with it.


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3 thoughts on “Pi’s Comics – October 27th (and 20th)

  1. Oh, and for brucecastle, if either Secret Avengers or Thunderbolts don’t pan out, I’ll consider getting Avengers Academy. Either way, I’ll pick up the first volume in softcover at some point. And that’s all because the Uncanny X-Force cover up there is the one I got Mike McKone to do, and well, it is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever gotten. That’s right, an artist actually convinced me to actually try a comic.

  2. I did. McKone charged 50 for headshots and a fair amount more for full body. He also had a cheaper amount for drawing in your book (if you have a book of sketches and stuff).

    For me, this was the third con I’ve tried to get art at, and well, I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing. Some people charge for their art, especially if it is a lot more than a simple sketch. Bobby Timony actually did a free sketch for me. Really, it depends on the artist. What I’d do is just ask if they do sketches or do art. If they have an actual sign, then that’s how much, but otherwise, you can ask. A lot of the more popular artists charge, but if you like certain ones that aren’t necessarily as well known, then they might just give you one.

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