Pi’s Comics – October 13th

Another week brings another batch of comics. I think this week should be fun.Deadpool Corps #7

There’s really not much I can say about this comic, other than how awesome it is. Last month, I recommended that you try issue 6 and see if you liked it. If you liked the kind of story and action that the issue last month had, now’s the time for taking the next step. For me, it was easy, but for others it might be more difficult. If Deadpool Corps #6 was written in a way you liked, then try issue 7, but be warned, if you absolutely cannot stand Liefeld, then avoid it. I personally am not a big fan, but find that the art isn’t something that I find so unlikable that I can’t read the comic. If you’re really freaked out by Liefeld, stay away. If you did (or didn’t) like issue 6, this is more of the same, so let that be how you judge this issue. Review here.

New Avengers #5

As I mentioned before, this is just fun. It’s crazy, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but Bendis writes the characters extremely well. The last issue was fun, even though practically nothing got moved forward from the previous issue. Bendis writes Spider-Man freaking out really well, and it works when it is in Ultimate Spider-Man or when he’s on a team. As a teenager, him freaking out is normal. On a team, him freaking out helps to give the reader some indication of how we should be reacting. By himself, as an adult, it wouldn’t work as well.  Here, it works and helps. I enjoy reading New Avengers and Bendis Avengers stories because they are fun, and I do like Bendis. Review here.

The Thanos Imperative #5

I still don’t know how to feel about this series. Parts of it are awesome and parts are stupid. But at the same time, I think the authors feel it’s stupid too, but is it something they care about? The way it is written makes me feel like they like these characters and understand them, but are forced to do things that they don’t want to. With Thanos, he was dead, and they realized that when he’s brought back, he’d be really pissed off, because he was finally hanging with Death all the time while dead. The entire scenario screams to me as something that the writers realized was wrong, but they had to do it. They don’t seem happy with Thanos there. Either way, this is pretty entertaining, and the writing is good. To me, I find the writing is good, but the story isn’t as good (if that makes sense), but the writing matters more, so there you go. Review here.


Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #4

I’ve never really liked Black Cat all that much. See, when it comes to Spidey’s love life, I am a big supporter of Gwen Stacy. She’s the girl I think Peter should have ended up with. Even though she died well before I was born, I’ve read ASM from the beginning up through the 180’s or so (through the Essential Spider-Man volumes) and Gwen just seems like the girl he should be with. Mary Jane always seemed like the consolation prize to me, the runner-up. While he liked both, he chose Gwen and…I’m getting off topic. Black Cat never seemed right to me. Sure, it was someone who he could do superheroics with, but that would put her at more of a risk. People like Black Cat, but to me, I just don’t care.

Shadowland #4

I’ve talked about Shadowland before, but I’m going to do so again. What I don’t get is why Shadowland is important. What the heck happened? Okay, I understand Daredevil is leading the Hand and is in Hell’s Kitchen in a big tower. So what? Correct me if I’m wrong, but while the Hand consists of a lot of ninjas, they pretty much act like punching bags for most of the Marvel universe, right? Maybe sheer weight of numbers could do in less powerful heroes, but what could the Hand do to Thor? In the previews, I’ve seen Thor there. What do they have to stop him? Maybe if I read it, I’ll understand, but if they have this stuff, why couldn’t they use it before? Did they need Daredevil to be their leader in order to use their tactics for taking out Thor? I mean, Daredevil is an impressive hero for someone without many physical superhuman abilities, but how would his radar sense help him beat Thor. Or Iron Man. Or Captain America. Or… I think one of the reasons I can’t take it seriously is that I’ve always thought of Daredevil as a hero, and this seems weird to me, but the other reason is that he doesn’t seem like that big of a threat. Whatever…

Super Hero Squad #10

Don’t get me wrong, I like Super Hero Squad, but I really can’t go for the comics. The show is something that I was able to enjoy, even while it was stupid and silly. I enjoy seeing chibi-esque versions of my favorite characters. Heck, I have Super Hero Squad versions of 2 different Deadpools, a Kl’rt, a Taskmaster, a Thanos and a Green Goblin sitting at my desk right now. As a comic, it’s not something I’d pay money for. I’ll watch the show online because it’s fun, but it isn’t a show I’d pay to see. I’d read the comics if they were free, but I’m not paying 3 dollars for a Super Hero Squad comic. The comic, I’m assuming, is like the show and so it won’t have Deadpool or Taskmaster (most likely) and Thanos and Kl’rt weren’t treated in a way I’d pay to see. So, my verdict is yes on the figures, but no on the comic.


About pilovesdeadpool

I love Deadpool far too much for my own good. I like other things too, though. If you really want to know something about me, just ask. I never liked these, because I never know what to say.

6 thoughts on “Pi’s Comics – October 13th

  1. Did you attend the NYC con, Pi?

    The Deadpools were out in full force. Probably only rivaled by the amount of Ramona Flowers roaming around.

  2. I did not, as I don’t live close enough to the city to justify going out there, staying at a hotel (or with relatives that would make me want to stay at a hotel instead) and paying for the cost of admission. I’ve been to WonderCon once and Comic-Con once (the San Diego one), and I will be playing MTG at the Albany Comic Con (which is a one-day con that seems to be pretty small) and hopefully will get my Uncanny X-Force blank variant to be drawn upon by someone worthwhile (like Mike McKone or Todd Dezago).

  3. Because I don’t read comics just because of the art. There is no artist that can get me to read a comic simply because he or she is the artist on the comic. I am not reading Avengers Academy because I was really starting to dislike Avengers: The Initiative at the end and this seems to be something that is similar and I just don’t care about new kid characters who are being trained to use their powers or whatever.

  4. I like a lot of artists and McKone is just one that I like. I don’t have the income to go around getting every comic that somebody puts out with an artist I like.

    No, I don’t know, but I had to cut back some stuff and Marvel gave me the perfect opportunity to get rid of a series that I felt was getting really stale and old, so I’m not replacing Avengers: The Initiative with its shiny new replacement written by the same guy.

    I realize you like Avengers Academy, but I also realize that I’m not going to pick up Avengers Academy any time soon, and in fact that trying to change my mind when it is already made up is something that will not help your cause. You aren’t going to get me to read Avengers Academy and the harder you push, the less likely I’ll even think about getting it in the future.

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