Batmonth! – Here Be Batman

Here Be Batman is an awesome website that is dedicated to drawing the Dark Knight and his friends and enemies for an entire year.

Bree Smith’s website has a very simple concept, which is that every single day, for an entire year, she is going to post a drawing of Batman or is otherwise Batman-related. So far, it’s been slightly over a month since it started and the site is awesome. While a lot of the drawings are more sketch-like in nature, as opposed to full complete pictures, it is still something that is impressive.

Personally, I like the cartoony Batman stuff like the drawing above, but the rest are good as well. There are a lot of different art-styles already represented by her work, some of which work better than others. Some of the attempts at more realistic drawings don’t necessarily carry over well, but there hasn’t really been a day I’ve absolutely disliked so far. Some of the full body work is a little awkward in the posing (such as this Robin) and some of the faces just seem off to me (like this Commissioner Gordon), but then we get really cute drawings (like this Harley Quinn), funny drawings (like this Thriller Batman or No Superman Allowed) or just well-done drawings (like this Animated Series study).

So, check out her site to see awesome Batman drawings that won’t just last through Batmonth! here at read/RANT! but will last until next September.


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