Review: Superman/Batman #76

Whatever disappointment came with this week’s  Justice League Generation Lost Winick makes up ten times over with Superman/Batman #76. Hell, it might generate enough good will to pardon Titans, Green Arrow/Black Canary and Superboy punches. This was an incredibly touching issue that centered around the fallout of Batman’s death at the end of Final Crisis, specifically how that death effected Superman’s relationship with the Bat Family. This set-up really serves an instrumental purpose allowing Winick to muse over the motor force behind both Superman and Batman respectively.

This book is beautiful rendered from the start to finish. The first page is a terse portrayal of Clark’s return home, sitting at the foot of his bed, preparing to to inform Lois about Bruce’s death. The coloring is also impeccable; This page is followed by the now iconic image of Superman holding a decayed and brittle Batman. Superman’s costume, especially the reds, are so vibrant while Batman appears washed over however their respective colouring don’t clash. Its a great image that really captures the melancholy and fragile sense of triumph that pervaded Final Crisis.

There’s no way to describe why this book is so effective without going through the catalog of beautifully written scenes it contains, which I can not possibly do justice to. This book doesn’t contain the big Bruckheimer actions scenes you might expect from a Superman/Batman book. The scope of this book is actually incredibly small. Just superheroes dealing with grief. It is ironic then that such a book most reminds me most of David Foster Wallace’s hope for literature: literature as “morally passionately, passionately moral” and “radiantly human.”

Final Grade: A; Go buy it now!


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