Review: Justice League Generation Lost #10

This issue was a mixed bag for me. Judd Winick does an okay job writing what is obviously a script coming from above (though the Mecha empathy nonsense is completely on him. However, although, that made me made me cringe at its pure cheesyness, I was able to move on because the book has set a tone that embraces those wacky comic motifs). I truthfully don’t know with this one, it could just be my own personal bias. If you like Geoff John’s late run on J.S.A. and like the Brightest Day mythology than you will probably dig this book. I didn’t finish his run on JSA as I found the whole Gog storyline extraordinary boring. Honestly, I think its time DC stops trying to mine Kingdom Come for ideas, especially when they’re focusing on the wrongs things! Yes it was a great book, for many reasons, but none of those reasons include Magog as a breakout character. In fact the whole point of his depiction was to jab at the vacuous nature of all the anti-heroes that popped up every where in the 90s.

Those of you that came for the cover: sorry its a big misdirection. I am actually really upset by this publicity stunt. It tantalizes us with the possiblity of a pretty big plot development and we get a pointless 5-page digression. It also sucks to have such a beautiful cover with pretty bad interior (more on that in just a minute).

The Tora subplot was too neatly resolved in my opinion. I get that the connection between Fire and Ice is strong (strong enough to indeed motivate Tora to make the decision she did) but this issue just didn’t sell it to me. However, I think part of the problem is that the art was uncharacteristically weak this week. It just wasn’t up to the task of portraying the gravitas of the situation.

God, Jaime really needs something to do. And soon.

I did love the end but thats mostly because I LOVE those characters.

Final Grade: C-: I still have faith that Winick will get us to somewhere that we will be happy to be but this issue was the first hiccup in what had previously been a relatively smooth ride.


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3 thoughts on “Review: Justice League Generation Lost #10

  1. Yeah I am not worried. I still really this series. Like I said its a personal bias. I really didn’t like the kingdom come storyline in JSA, I don’t like DCU tying itself to that story. Its a great story but let it stand alone.

    The kingdom come stuff takes up like 5 pages. The batman stuff 5 pages. Like 3 or 4 pages of skeets explaining what was up with last issue (which was fine if not the most exciting thing in the world). There just wasn’t much of what I actually like about this series in this book. But i do have high hopes that next issue will be pretty great.

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