Review: Red Robin #16

I can’t say I am not slightly disappointed with Fabian Nicieza’s first arc on Red Robin. While it had an incredibly strong first issue the episodic issues that followed have caused my enthusiasm to fizzle out. There’s nothing particularly egregious about this issue, or even this arc, but  I feel a little cheated with how low the stakes are in a run called “The Hit List.”

Like the other issues in the Hit List, Red Robin 16 zero’s in on Tim’s relationship with one of his villains. This time its Hadrian Ulysses Armstrong, the new Anarky. This issue spends a large portion of the book reviewing Drake’s history with Armstrong (who usurped the Anarky persona from Lonnie Machin). There is, however, very little pay off as Armstrong escapes relatively easily by manipulating Robin into abandoning a fight to to save a comatose Machin. There are also some scenes where Drake visits an incarcerated Captain Boomerang which didn’t really help make this book more interesting and which I have kinda chosen to ignore.

Final Grade: C, Nothing too offensive but I was hoping this arc would be more than just Nicieza moving his pieces around.

4 thoughts on “Review: Red Robin #16

  1. Wow, I just read the very fascinating Wikipedia entry on the character. I knew Lonnie was shafted out of 52 for unknown reasons and the Joker being his father was poorly received and largely ignored, but I had no idea there was so much controversy surrounding him:

    “Someone recently sent me DC’s new take on Anarky,” (Alan)Grant reported during an interview for Scotland regional edition of The Big Issue, “and I was saddened to see they were using him as just another asshole villain.”

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