Tiny Rant on Amazing Spider-man 641

I find Joey Q hubris absolutely astounding. This story is the emotional equivalent of having the guy that dick slapped you a year ago force his way back into your life to explain the emotional necessity of being dick-slapped and then trying to convince you why are probably a better, in fact more liberated, person because of it. Its truly amazing. What is ironic is that for whatever passions this story inflames the narrative itself is coldly mechanical. Its not that this story isn’t nauseatingly crammed with overly emotionally affected scenes but that the emotional scenes don’t seem to be arising from the necessity of the story but rather precisely calculated for the sole purpose of trying to sell that these characters possess emotionally rich lives. “Look how conflicted and strained Mary Jane looks. Its because she’s a COMPLEX character!” Its all dribble.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Rant on Amazing Spider-man 641

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  2. I am of two opinions of Joey Q writing this. On the one hand it so fucking infuriating. Only he really knows what good for the character. On the other hand at least he has the kindness to write this himself and not mandated it down to a poor writer.

  3. That was really the most offensive thing about this book. The whole lets be friends resolution 3 and a half issues of “no, too hard,” and then one page where Peter just has an epiphany “You know what? This was great!.” Epic fail. Quesada wants to have his cake nad eat it too. He wants MJ to still have all the profound import she previously had on PP but without any of the anchoring that creates that depth. Bollocks. Her characterization was just god-awful. There was a recent DC message board about how writers life GJ ridiculous attempts to be feminist by making women character “strong women” but how such those attempts are just as one dimensional as before. There is no way really make MJ come off good in a story about how MJ ruins Spiderman and needs to be overcomed.

    There is so much to hate about o.m.i.t.

  4. I seriously just blurted out a giant laugh at the JMS jab.

    As for MJ. I don’t know. I a not a PP/MJ purist. But I know the only options aren’t either make it work or run away for a trite reason like “its not you its me.”

  5. I think a more elegant solution is impossible because of the way they conceive the problem. MJ is treated as merely a plot point as opposed to a character with her own yearnings and aspirations. Her characterization is always a secondary moment in thinking what is best for Spidey (which apparently is to have the geek get laid and make poor life decisions). But that the problem with having 45 yo men write comic books.

    I prefer a Peter that is still in High School. I am not sure if I prefer this 20-something adrift peter. Ah, at least i have this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnPlEmr3fLA

  6. This was one ugly and uncreative retcon.

    And MJ was anything but a strong woman in this. She flat out admits how weak she is. Fuck this story and fuck me for thinking it might be good.

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