Pi’s Comics – September 9th

Yes, this is for tomorrow as Labor Day has pushed back comics to the 9th. Still, I’m putting this up today, as, hey, why not, right?Deadpool Loves to ReadDeadpool Corps #6

Obviously, I love Deadpool, but I’m going to try to convince you to pick up this issue. If you aren’t sold on Deadpool Corps because you hold a fixation on disliking Rob Liefeld’s art, then ignore the cover and get this issue. This issue’s art isn’t done by Liefeld, like the previous issues, so if that is your main complaint, that is not valid. If you don’t want to jump in somewhere in the middle of an arc, don’t worry, this is the beginning of a brand new story arc. If you think that one Deadpool is enough and that more than one would be impossible to bear, watch this from 7:46 (where it starts) to 10:06 (when the fight begins), and then try out the comic if that amuses you. This is, as I’ve said, my favorite ongoing right now, and you really should check it out at least once.

New Avengers #4

Very simple here. It’s Bendis. If you like Bendis, you’ll probably like New Avengers, as it is very Bendis. If you don’t like Bendis, you’ll probably dislike New Avengers, as it is very Bendis. I personally like Bendis, especially how he does Spider-Man, so I enjoy this series.

The Thanos Imperative #4

I’m really torn about this series. On the one hand, I think that Marvel is milking Cosmic Marvel for all they can, putting out Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings and this, all of which are to capitalize on Annihilation, one of the best series to come out of a company in a while. Thanos Imperative annoys me in that they put the power levels far too high (while Nova and pals can take on cosmic threats, they aren’t close to Galactus level, which is what is going on), and it just is annoying. On the other hand, the writers know Thanos, they know Drax, and they are writing really good Thanos and Drax, two of the main reasons I liked Annihilation (aside from Kl’rt, the Super-Skrull). I think that I recommend the series, as it is better than Conquest or War, but it still falls short next to Annihilation (part of the reason Annihilation was good because nothing preceded it to live up to, maybe?_.


Amazing Spider-Man #642

It is coming out the same day as ASM 641. That’s pretty annoying, I would guess. Especially since this is the first post-whatever-stupid-thing-they’re-doing-to-Spider-Man-now issue. As I’ve said, I don’t care enough. I could read One Moment in Time, but it isn’t worth it to me, considering the amount of comics I get already. It isn’t fun to read a bastardized version of the hero I grew up loving. Spider-Man just annoys me, as a series. The character is still great in New Avengers or Avengers, but I don’t care about the main series. Just like Wolverine.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #1

Let me see if I remember Daken’s origin. Daken is Wolverine and Silver Fox’s son, that was seemingly killed by Sabretooth, you know, when he gutted Silver Fox, but then grew up to be similar to Wolverine (brooding, claws, healing, horrible haircut), yet wanting to kill Wolverine, right? Did he become good, is he good, or is he still a jerk like in Wolverine: Origins (god, I hate Steve Dillon’s art)? Despite some stupidity in X-23’s origins also, I like her more, maybe because she started out on the awesome X-Men: Evolution and then went to a comic, and doesn’t have hair that is idiotic.

X-Men #3

Okay, I haven’t been keeping up on X-Men recently, but apparently they rebooted the series, and apparently there are vampires. How original. Oh, and I don’t think that resurrecting Dracula could come back to bite you in the ass. I got the thing where they rebooted the mutant gene because of Hope or something. How the hell did it go from, “Yay, mutants are back!” to, “Vampires vs X-Men!” that quickly? Seriously! Sigh… Oh, and more Jubilee. I despise Jubilee. I was so happy when she lost her powers. I was disappointed when she joined the New Warriors. I really hope she dies from whatever “chilling transformation she has undergone” so that they can make room for Armor in Wolverine’s life.

Apparently people dislike these, as they have gotten low amounts of stars. If you have actual comments or feedback, let me know below or at wadewprojectavatar@gmail.com.


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I love Deadpool far too much for my own good. I like other things too, though. If you really want to know something about me, just ask. I never liked these, because I never know what to say.

6 thoughts on “Pi’s Comics – September 9th

  1. I like these particularly because I don’t read much more Marvel its good to see some discussion on their titles. I also seen the low star but they’re a lot of them. For instance one post got like 12 votes. That uncharacteristically high so I think its just one a-hole voting multiple times.

  2. The new X-men series to cash in on the Twilight craze, plain and simple. Fraction’s book is following the mutant race being re-triggered and Generation Hope (Which is being written by Gillien, yay!) will, too.

  3. Okay, good. I was wondering if the writers for X-Men went completely crazy. Personally, I liked New Avengers, thought it was fun and pretty much exactly the same as the other issues in terms of fun. Thanos Initiative just annoyed me even more, while making me enjoy it even more. Deadpool Corps was awesome. I was wrong though, in that you need some context, which is provided to you on the recap page. It was a stand-alone, very fun, very stupid (like all the issues, so in a good way) issue.

  4. Out of all the Avengers relaunches, I’ve found the core title’s kickoff storyline to be the most interesting. I love what a giant mess the crushed together timelines have created. I thought for sure Secret Avengers couldn’t be beat, but Bendis is leading the race.

    I like Deadpool but think he and Wolverine are way overexposed. I enjoy both the characters in small doses. betcha Rememder will do good stuff with him in the X-Force relaunch.

  5. The timeline thing is cool in Avengers, and I am amused by a lot of it, but timeline stuff in general annoys me. Avengers is probably my second favorite, behind New. I actually just dislike Secret Avengers right now. Partly, it’s because I’ve never been a huge fan of Deodato’s art. Partly, it’s because the team makes no sense to me. Partly, it’s because the plot is weird. Mostly, it’s because of Nova. I really like Nova, starting with Annihilation, and through everything, I’ve read Nova and followed his stuff. It’s awesome. Nova had no personality in Secret Avengers and was completely idiotic. In fact, none of the characters have any personality. As opposed to being characters that are interesting, they’re merely puppets that Brubaker uses to tell a story.

    I like Deadpool and know he’s overexposed! Seriously, though, if you like the character, if you read one comic with him, I’d read Deadpool Corps, which is part of the reason I phrased the preview the way I did. I feel it is the best ongoing Deadpool comic right now. So, even if you don’t want to read every Deadpool comic (a reasonable request), if you want to read some Deadpool, read Deadpool Corps.

  6. The biggest current disappointment to me in Marvel is Shadowland. What a bland, wasteful storyline. I thought for sure Diggle would pick up the pace but nothing. I’m done.

    I’ll try an issue of Deadpool Corps.

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