My Ideal JLA

From my back and fourth with Grey today I came to the conclusion that you can learn a lot about a DC fan given their opinions on who should be on the Justice League. I am not a Big 7 man, hell I am not even a trinity man. The one JLA comic that I have truly loved is JLI. I say this to prepare you for the fact that my ideal roster is pretty unothordox. So lets just have it.

1) Captain Marvel – I am a huge fan of the big red cheese. In my opinion he should be able to kick Superman’s arse. However he is NOT a superman analogue. To use him as such is a real disservice to his character. I have never understood why there isn’t an ongoing Whiz comic.

2) Batwoman – There has to be a Batman representative on any Justice League but Batman is over-saturated. Lets give Kate a chance.

3) Zatanna – ok brace yourself guys — I would much rather have Zee on the Justice League than Wonder Woman. Sorry.

4) Mera – If there is one good thing about Blackest Night is that it showed people how awesome Mera is. She is anything but an Aquaman clone. As a xebel native, though, she actually has all the cool super powers you would expect from someone called “Aquaman.”

5) Bloodwynd – He has a pretty convoluted history however I think his origin story is pretty solid. I don’t get why this original black character wasn’t pushed harder in DC’s attempt to diversify their line.

6) Doctor Light – one of the myriad wonderful creations of COIE that has been criminally underused since. Kimiyo is a c-list character that deserves to be on the A-list.

7) Connor Hawke – What can I say, I am a product of the 90s. I love characters like Connor and Kyle. Given that DC is intent on making me never read a Green Arrow/Arsenal story ever again why not bring back Connor?

8 ) Blue Beetle – I think Jaime Reyes is DC’s Spiderman – and they know it.  IF all the kids running around now grow up to read comic books they will read Blue Beetle.

9) Rocket Red – If you are reading JL-GL then you know that  Gavril Ivanovich is, as Greg recently put it, “the breakout character of the year.”

10) Brother Ward/Bzzzd – I don’t really know much about him except that he is a meditating humanoid elephant. Sold. Since Blue Lanterns need a green lantern to manifest their powers I though Bzzzd would be a good juxtaposition. I am pretty sick of all the other Green Lanterns.

11) Josiah Power – Although a meta-human of immense undisclosed power I think given his experience with Power company he would make a fine Max Lord replacement.


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4 thoughts on “My Ideal JLA

  1. I am not a Wonder Woman hater. It just that just isn’t any cohesive vision of who she is. I am told constantly how important she is. But who is she? Until I get an answer to that question that stick I feel that her inclusion is just to have a well known female character. I think that a shame since there many better female character though less well known (Doctor Light a case in point).

    Bloodwyn ended up being both. He was originally his own character than ended up being Martian Manhunter inpersonating him then his own character again. I like his origin story a lot though and I like his visual design. Given that many people complain about ethnic characters replacing well loved character in ham fitted attempts of diversity he seems like a character fraught with potential to develop.

    If i remember correctly Chuck Dixon is the last person to write him in Connor Hawke: Dragon’s Blood. He basically wrote him the way he originally did and ignored the white washing that occurred. Its definitely the way he should be written.

    As for Rocket Red and Jamie – Yeah I wasn’t really taking into considerations where these characters are now just ideally putting them together. I love JL-GL so yeah I am glad they are there. Except i don’t think Jamie has done anything worth noting in that book.

    The green lantern is Bzzzd. If you look closely at he picture there is a green lantern fly by his right ear. Yeah this character I also don’t really know anything about. I just really like his visual design and think there should be a non-human character on the team.

    Yeah I am a power company fan. Josiah Power was obviously the big draw of that series. He was incredibly power however rarely went into the field. I always liked the Juxtaposition.

  2. What? Dragon’s blood out of continuity and bzzd dead? That blows.

    Also what war of light? There was no war of light. At all.

    J’onn is one of my favorite characters along with Captain Marvel. However I don’t think he fills the point i am making. Not only he can become completely human his appareance at martian is itself a compromise of his real looks. I think part of the reason I like congorilla so much is because I love that James Robinson has just fully embraced this non human character. The DCU is filled to brim with non-human character which provides the opportunity to imagine what a non human-centric world might look like. I mean part of the reason BN was atrocious is because it makes earth the center of the universe. Not only is that just not true of our universe, its definitely not true of the DC universe. Also part the reason I dropped rebels was because I couldn’t forgive Bedard for changing Starro into a humanoid character. Starro is awesome because he is a giant intergalactic star fish. That is an awesome formula. Leave it alone. Also Brainiac goes from robotic complex life to just another humanoid species. I find that all these changes just dull the vibrancy of the DCU.

    Also Talking about Martian Manhunter reminds me.I probably would put Kate Spencer on this line up.

    Josiah Power is also gay. I can’t think of another strong black gay male portrayal in any media.

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