Darwyn Cooke and Mark Waid Are My Heroes

This week found Darwyn Cooke and Mark Waid at the center of two distinct media blitz in the world of comics. First, when asked what he would change about the way Marvel and DC do buisness he responded:

Second Mark Waid used his keynote speech at the Harvey Awards Nomination ceremony to give his insights on digital piracy.

I’ve been asked a lot to speak about digital, because it’s such a passion with me and I’m such an advocate. But saying “Let’s cheer for digital comics!” seems kind of mundane. I want to talk tonight instead about how we fret about downloads and “piracy” and their impact. How we’re in danger because people are breaking copyright. But, first, let’s talk a little about copyright and its history. [Continue Reading]

Both theirs words have been taken a little out of context; Cooke has been accused of homophobia and Waid has been accused of supporting piracy. I, however,  don’t think their words could have been more timely.

2 thoughts on “Darwyn Cooke and Mark Waid Are My Heroes

  1. The lesbian comment was obviously pertaining to the 45 year-old mindset he was speaking of originally. The pervs that force music acts like Katy Perry, Britney, etc. to play a phony bisexual card in order to titillate insecure frat boys and basement dwellers.

    And he’s right.

  2. Agreed. I think that anyone who has read Darwyn Cooke knows he not making a homophobic. If anything I think Lesbian should see a kinda buried respect in his comments. Women are often made into lesbians not as part of some inclustioanry drive but in order to hyper-sexualize the character. I think LGBT movement would agree that the type of exclusion kinda misses the point of real acceptance.

    However, if this is about Kate Kate I have to disagree with Darwyn on that point (though agree with him in principle) because I think Kate is a fantastic character.

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