Delayed Posts

Greetings, loyal audience!  Cal here, with one of those, whaddaya call ’em, ‘good news ,bad news’ deals?

On the bright side, I got a job!  I’ll be moving for the next few weeks, completely upending my life and running off to an exotic land far, far away from Ohio.  What this means for you?  I’ll be able to afford comics again!  On top of my regular columns, once I’m moved in and getting paid, expect to see reviews popping up again.  I’ll also be able to afford Netflix and cable, so expect the TV reviews, both of older shows (Justice League Unlimited) and newer shows (… there are going to be, like, 6 superhero shows this year, so pick one), to become a more regular and varied feature.

The down side?  As I mentioned, the moving process might take a little while.  While I’ll be down to my new location pretty quickly, how regularly I can get connected to the Internet is another matter entirely.  As you’ve noticed these past two weeks, my updates on The Unread Canon, One Shot and Summer Rewind have been greatly delayed.

Rest assured, posts will be going up, but it won’t be like clockwork for the next month or so.  Thankfully, it looks like the fantabulous brucecastle has returned for now, to fill your souls with the sort of joy only a discussion of new comics can bring.

I know, you’re all bereft.  I’ll do what I can to assuage your wounded hearts, and until I do, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

– Cal Cleary

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