Top 5 Comics of July 2010


And I’m finally caught up! I read 27 comics in July, and these were the best.

5. Parker: The Man With The Getaway Face

So, this is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not really a single issue, but an extended preview of an OGN. However, it’s as long as a single issue, and it’s completely self-contained. Plus, it’s oversized Darwyn Cooke for two dollars. Oversized. Darwyn Cooke. For two dollars. If you don’t like that, son, you’re done.

4. Scarlet #1

Yep, Bendis & Maleev are back in top form, producing their own work at last. With Bendis’ craft, and that darn fourth-wall breaking, we can’t help but identify and sympathize with Scarlet. Sure, she’s flawed, but that just makes her more endearing. And Maleev works his computer magic, creating a wholly original looking comic, filled with memorable layouts like the one seen above.

3. American Vampire #5

My collected thoughts can be found here. You may’ve come for the King, but stay for Snyder and Albuquerque.

2. Punisher MAX #9

Aaron’s Bullseye is crazy and in love. This has all turned out to be an insanely twisted love story between Bullseye and the Punisher. And next issue you can see their bloody honeymoon. Steve Dillon is arguably the most humanizing artist in comics, and so his work is perfect for this story. Who but he could capture the lunacy, humor, and sincerity of Bullseye in love?

1. Casanova #1

Alright, another possible cheat, but screw it. I don’t care, and neither should you. Just pick this comic up. That it remains as fresh and new after half a decade is a testament to its innovative and groundbreaking nature. But hey, there are some new doodads. New coloring! New hand-lettering! New backup by Fabio Moon! New backmatter, which is heartbreakingly sincere and insightful! So, yeah, I love Casanova with all my heart. I’ll even put the reprints as the best of the month. Will I do it every succeeding month? I’ll try not to, but I just might!

-Bruce Castle

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