Review: Iron Man: Noir #4

As I said of the first issue, this series is Iron Man: Pulp, and thank goodness for that. A shadowed Tony Stark moping over a murdered Pepper Potts just can’t compete with Iron Man transforming into a tricycle  as he shoots Nazis before jumping into Jarvis’ zeppelin. Then an entire fleet of German zeppelins show up! And, by the end of the issue, they all explode! Feel free to rock out to your favorite Led Zeppelin track while reading.

Such gloriously stupid mayhem was conceived by Scott Snyder, who, with this comic and American Vampire, is trying to single-handedly prove how badass the early 20th century was. When Snyder applies this methodology to the Marvel Universe, the result is so much fun. Ever wonder what Howard Stark and Baron Zemo would be like together, and I do mean together? It’s creepy, I assure you.

I mentioned last issue that Manuel Garcia’s Iron Man looked textural, almost painted, probably due to the inker and colorist. Well, in this issue, Iron Man no longer has that look. So, either someone wanted that fixed or my third issue had a cool printing error. Still, the look of Iron Man: Noir is a good one. Manuel Garcia pencils the heck out of each page, capturing his actors’ emotions as well as the intricate details of an army of Iron Men.

I’m always a sucker for comics that remind us how cool comics are, which Iron Man: Noir does, especially in its closing pages. And if that doesn’t impress you, Iron Man flying through a window to punch Baron Strucker in the face must. This is not a throwaway Iron Man story, but a fun one, with Snyder and Garcia having a blast in the pulpy world of Tony Stark.

Grade: B+

-Bruce Castle


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