Advanced Review: Irredeemable #16

Note: Irredeemable #16 arrives in stores Wednesday, August 4.

Well, it sure is nice to have Peter Krause back. I mentioned in my last review that Barreto, while a capable artist, just isn’t dynamic enough to give Irredeemable the visual aesthetic it deserves. But, with this issue, Krause is back, and he’s back with a vengeance. He must be well-rested, as his linework is more impressive than ever. Like Barreto, Krause’s work recalls an earlier age of superhero comics, which is the perfect tone for this series. And he’s always been adept at capturing these heroes’ emotions, probably because he created them. This is especially important in this issue, as its mostly character-driven.

Last issue was drastic, with enough sound and fury to shake Waid’s ensemble to their core. So, naturally, this issue appears to be a bit of a breather. Waid spends time exploring Kaidan, Gil, and the Survivor. Focusing on Gil is a nice contrast to all of the recent attention on Bette, much of which culminated last issue. The Survivor takes some time to try to redeem himself and his fellow heroes in the eyes of the military, which ultimately results in possibly confirming their Plutonian-fueled fears. Kaidan and Qubit take a trip down memory lane, reflecting on the hero who fell last issue, and this concludes with one of the issue’s big surprises, a surprise which was hinted at in the recent Irredeemable Special. The second big surprise comes from a brief scene with the Plutonian. If you’re a sucker for Waid’s Superman ribbing, you’ll appreciate it, as it humorously riffs on the original Richard Donner film.

A seemingly quiet issue that still manages to pack a wallop, aided by the glorious return of original artist, Peter Krause. Another impressive offering from the series.

Grade: B

-Bruce Castle

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