A Brief Apology

Hey, loyal readers – Cal here.  I wanted to apologize very briefly that The Unread Canon and my Justice League Unlimited reviews didn’t appear.  I had a job interview in Little Rock, I left my laptop in Nashville during my drive from Cincinnati – long story short, my computer and I were separated for longer than we have been in years, and by hundreds of miles.

So, to my 12 loyal readers, I apologize, and with hope, I will soon be in one place long enough to have both my comics AND my laptop available at the same time!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend… and enjoy New Comics Day!

– Cal Cleary


4 thoughts on “A Brief Apology

  1. Hey, first time to check out your blog, Cal. It’s Azrael52 from YABS (and Twitter). I live in Hot Springs, just an hour from Little Rock. What did you interview for? That’s a heck of a commute you would have, too.

    – Ray

    • Library associate at a public library in North Little Rock. I don’t THINK I got it, because I think they’d have called me already if I did… but that could just be my normal cynicism rising to the surface. I’ll find out soon enough.

      Congrats on getting published, by the way!

      • Just applying wherever I see jobs that interest me that I have a shot at getting. I’ve applied in four different countries and all 50 states, at this point.

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