Review/RANT: Green Lantern Corps #48

* spoilers *

This book begins with scenes that regurgitate some of the trailers for Green Lantern and Emerald Warriors we first saw in Green Lantern #53. I was certain then and there that I was not going to like this book. I knew it was a safe bet that this book would invoke my ire since it is following the inflated Green Lantern Corps mythology, which I so loathe, pretty closely. There are Alpha Lanterns and Blackest Night fallout in the form of officers suffering from PTSD as a result of Blackest Night (aren’t we all, brutha!). Also, not only is the art really inconsistent and mediocre it can’t seem to decide what style of art it going to be inconsistent and mediocre in (CBR aptly describes it as “a strange mixture of stringy and puffy.” So, all in all, this book has all the ingredients for a delectable order of ranting.

Thing is, I am not actually here to rant about this book. Whatever it did bad Green Latern #54 did worse so I already have the ranting out of my system. No, I decided to write about this book because there was one scene in this book that I thought was perfect and redeemed the rest of this issue.

For a while now the Guardian’s have been portrayed as not only cruel but misguided and inept. Suffice to say I do not like this interpretation. Cold? Absolutely. Cruel? No way! Misguided and inept? They’re the f’ing Guardians of UNIVERSE! When Blackest Night first hit the shelves I was operating under the absurd assumption that it would follow some sort of logical and coherent form of storytelling. Thus I assumed that given all the Guardian’s bad decisions, how easily they were captured and that Blackest Night was pushing this idea of the “New Guardians,” the fallout of Blackest Night would include their ejection from Oa. Nope, of course not. They are back in command with not so much as a peep from anyone.

This has annoyed me to no ends. The Guardians have been written so badly I was just hoping they would be put to a merciful death. But then comes Tony Bedard and writes this great scene:

Damn. Such a brief scene but such a wonderful testament to how very simple character moments can go along way at resuscitating tired ideas. Maybe I am just reading to much into it but that scene really worked for me emotionally.

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