Review: American Vampire #3

If the first two installments of Scott Snyder’s story seemed too talkative, this one makes up for lost gore. We know Pearl’s story, we like her, and we want to see those bloodsucking bastards pay as much as she does. And pay they do, which lets Snyder flex his creatively violent muscles. I always appreciate comics that show me something I’ve never seen before. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a faceless vampire crawl out of a car wreck with an umbrella before.

Similarly, Stephen King’s story spent a little too much time progressing the plot last issue. Here, however, the pages are filled with the candy-loving vamp, Skinner, causing brutal mayhem. There’s also plenty of King’s lovable flavor in Skinner’s dialogue. And don’t worry, the plot progresses too, with the showdown that’s been brewing set for next issue.

If Rafael Albuquerque isn’t a name you recognize, and it probably isn’t as it’s really hard to spell, you will after you see his pages here. His work is beautifully rendered, and appropriately gritty when it needs to be. Albuquerque applies two different distinct styles to King and Synder’s stories, and Dave McCaig’s colors compliment and further distinguishes them wonderfully.

Last issue helped establish Snyder’s vampiric mythology for the series as a whole, while this one cranked the gore up to eleven. I’m fine with that. Vampires should be disgusting and fun, and they certainly are here.

Grade: A-

-Bruce Castle

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