Review: Iron Man: Noir #2

As I pointed out in my review of the first issue, there wasn’t much Iron Man or noir. That continues here. That’s right; this series is half over and Tony still hasn’t suited up. That might sound like Scott Snyder was high as a kite while writing this, and perhaps he was, but that didn’t stop him from writing a good issue.

Snyder spent the bulk of this issue exploring the characters of Tony, Pepper, and Namor, who are original to the story, but familiar. I don’t label myself as a fanboy, but I did get a bit giddy when Tony brought up his time spent with Namor in the Hellfire Club. The characters themselves explore Atlantis, which leads to a literally explosive ending.

Manuel Garcia provides the pencils for this issue and he does fantastic work. Whether it’s the facial expressions seen when the characters converse or the gorgeous Atlantis in a double-page splash, Garcia handles it all more than capably. Sadly, his work is hindered by the overbearing inks of Lorenzo Ruggiero and colors of Marta Martinez. Even with those two holding Garcia back, this is still a good looking comic.

Iron Man: Noir continues its momentum. It may not have lasting impact on the Marvel Universe, but it is well-done. And many will appreciate a unique adventure with Tony Stark and pals that doesn’t rely on armor smashing armor. This reader does.

Grade: B

-Bruce Castle

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