New Comics 05/19/2010

I’ve let this slip the last few weeks.  From Mother’s Day through birthday parties with various soccer games, dance recitals and gymnastics classes in between (for my daughter, not myself) I’ve been even more behind than usual in comic reading this month. 

As a result, I’m going to shake things up just a little.  Pi has started doing a similar weekly feature over at his excellent “whatever” blog.  He’s improved on my original formula, so I’m going to take inspiration back from him and concentrate more on the books I’m actually going to read (or avoid) rather than attempt to comment on everything knowing I’ll only ever get to a few of the books on the list.

In other words, expect a lot of DC and not a lot of Marvel books.  But if you want similar material for Marvel, give Pi’s list a look.  He’s like my Marvel doppleganger.

Batman: Streets Of Gotham #12 – Streets is one of those books I enjoy that has slipped through the cracks.  This happens to me just about every time there’s a fill-in on a Dini book.  This seems like a pretty decent jumping-back-on point.  Hopefully I can catch up on the Zsasz storyline later because it was one of my favorite plot threads in this book.

Brightest Day #2 – This is one of those books you feel like you are obligated to read whether you enjoy it or not.  It’s one of those “spine of the DCU” books that sets the tone and pace for the line.  In spite of its faults, I found enough hooks in issue #1 that I am actually looking forward to this book.  I do wish it were a little, you know, brighter though.

Justice League Of America #45 – Whenever I think of Robinson’s Justice League, I think of the recently cancelled NBC show, Heroes.  I watched Heroes for a lot of years hoping that this would be the episode where things turned around.  And I was disappointed every episode.  Maybe the return of Supergirl will be the spark that ignites a flame for Robinson’s JLA.  But I doubt it. 

Legion Of Super Heroes #1 – In spite of an impressive pedigree, I’ll be avoiding this book.  I just don’t like the Legion.  And I’m sick of picking up the latest attempt to revitalize the franchise only to come to the same conclussion.

Zatanna #1 – Yeah, I’ll give this book a look.  But I’m willing to bet Seventh Soldier has it read and reviewed before I even get to the comic shop.

Age Of Heroes #1 (of 4) – Kicking off the Marvel portion of the reading list is the Age of Heroes.  My biggest disappointment with DC’s Brightest Day so far is that it feels just as grim and depressing as everything that came before it.  Age of Heroes looks like the change in tone I’ve been hoping for.

Amazing Spider-Man Presents American Son #1 (of 4) – I actually really liked Joe Kelley’s American Son storyline.  If this were being written by Kelley as a follow-up to that story, I’d definitely pick it up.  As it stands, I’ll skim it at the shop to see if it grabs me.

Avengers #1 – I’ve never been the biggest fan of Bendis’ Avengers.  But this is really all I need:

Cap, Thor and Iron Man?  Looks like the closest thing to classic Avengers I’ve seen in a long time.  Marvel just scored $4 from me.

Enter The Heroic Age #1 – I’ve got mixed feelings about this book.  I’m ll about the Heroic Age.  But I feel a little burned shelling out $4 for what is basically a sampler.  Hey, I’m not made of money like Bruce “I love filler” Castle.  I got kids to feed!  In addition, Marvel’s got Avengers Assemble #1 and the Heroic Age Magazine out there as money soaks.  I guess there must be a demand for this stuff.  But as I said before, it makes me as a casual Marvel reader uncertain as to what I need to pick up and what is for die-hard fans only.

Invincible Iron Man #26 – I find I enjoy Fraction’s Iron Man best when I accumulate a few issues and read them all at once.  So the odds are pretty good I’ll sit on this one for a while before actually reading it.  But I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually.

That does it for this week.  I have to admit, I am looking at the Heroic Age and wondering if the time has come to jump ship.  I love the big, iconic characters at DC.  But I hate the way DC has been handling them lately.  If Marvel’s Heroic Age lives up to it’s name while DC continues to be a weekly blood bath, I may finally find myself reading more Marvel than DC.

Never thought I’d see the day.


6 thoughts on “New Comics 05/19/2010

  1. I also find myself wanting to jump aboard the Marvel ship with the heroic age. Its been intimidating because I know nothing about the marvel universe but it seems like this is the time to start reading now that siege tied all the the threads of the last couple years. I am gonna try and by getting the back issues of Incredible Herc and see where that takes me.

  2. Good luck. I’ve enjoyed the handful of issues of Herc I read. I picked up Avengers 1 and enjoyed it. That’s 1 for Marvel and 0 for DC so far this week.

  3. 1. That’s not the Steve Rogers Captain America on that cover. If you’re looking for the trinity dynamic, you’ve got to get Avengers: Prime. Marvel just got 20 more dollars from you.

    2. Linking to previews? Lame…

    3. …Especially when they misrepresent me, as you can clearly see in the comment you linked to.

    But maybe that was the point?

    • Marvel may be getting a lot more money from me. We’ll see. I’m getting fed up with DC. And the Heroic Age looks pretty darn appealing as an alternative.

      The point was to be silly. I know you don’t “love filler” but I’m not sure I’ll ever understand your defense of those reprint pages. Anyway, it’s all in fun.

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