Spoiler Review: Dark Avengers #16

And so ends a comic that was loved by many, but not me. However, reading this issue, I can see the appeal. Like Bendis’ other Avenger book, the plot was meaningless, just setting up a disappointing payoff. Where this comic shined was in its characters, and in this issue, Bendis sees them off one by one.

Bullseye and Moonstone try to escape incarceration. It fits their characters, but makes for a boring, drawn out sequence. Daken, too, tries to escape Steve McQueen style, but unlike Steve McQueen, Daken actually escapes. Next, Bendis gives an epilogue to Ares, and a nod to a previous Dark Avengers issue. It’s brief and well done, and hopefully its ramifications will be felt in Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors. Bendis also gives a nice farewell to Victoria Hand, hinting at a brighter future for the character. Is it expected that a writer would treat his character so well? Yes, but it’s nice all the same. Lastly, Bendis writes another monologue for Norman Osborn, giving the character his bitter just desserts, concluding with an image reminiscent of one of Frank Miller’s most famous images, only drawn much worse.

And that’s this issue’s largest problem: the art. This is particularly troubling as Mike Deodato and Rain Beredo’s work has been one of, if not the biggest part of this comic’s success. Here, however, Beredo’s colors completely drown Deodato’s work, leaving ugly computerized images for the final product. I suspect Deodato was rushed, perhaps already working on Secret Avengers, so Beredo had to do the heavy lifting. Whatever the reason, the art team leave in embarrassing fashion.

I may not have liked this comic very much, but it had its fans, and the reasons for that are evident in this issue, particularly in Bendis’ writing. It’s in this book that Bendis’ voice is clear, instead of muffled, as in Siege #4. This book also has the satisfying ending Siege wishes it had.

Grade: B-

-Bruce Castle

4 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Dark Avengers #16

  1. Great review. This site consistently gives thoughtful reviews by people who aren’t patronizing and don’t like being patronized.

    My favorite sub-plot from this series was one was that was not addressed anymore towards the end: Gargen’s over-medication in an effort to control him and it ended up making him overly sympathetic. (Or maybe that’s why he was the only one of the Dark Avengers to give in so easily?). Overall it was hit or miss and very padded at times but not a total waste. Some fun stuff with the Molecule Man and the Sentry.

    And I bet Bendis would have had Dakken get busted if they weren’t going to use him for that dreadful Romulus/FrankenCastle stuff in other books.

  2. Thank ye kindly, Stryfe-liker.

    In addition to Mac getting overlooked, there was supposed to be a funeral for the Sentry in this issue. Maybe this is why the boring stuff felt drawn out.

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