Review: Booster Gold #32

Although I read John’s initial run on Booster, I only went about 6 issues into Dan Jurgen’s solo run. I remember liking it (though I can’t really recall any specifics beyond the Supernova costume being stolen) but somehow it fell off my pull list and I forgot about it.  So I am not qualified to speak about how well the new creative team manges the transition.

That being said, as a relatively new comer to the series, I enjoyed this book. It’s pretty much a simple done-in-one story that ties to larger events happening within the DCU, i.e. the return of Maxwell Lord in Generation lost, only briefly at the end. The book opens with Booster in the middle of a search for what we later learn to be the Helmet of fate, which only serves the purpose of a MacGuffin narrative device in the story. His search is hampered by the fact that he finds himself  in the 30th century during the Great Darkness Saga. In this regard, I think this issue is an exemplary case of good use of continuity. If you read the Great Darkness Saga your reading will be enriched however it is by no mean a necessary prerequisite in order to understand the story. This is a good way to reward longtime fans without alienating new ones. As a side note on continuity, seeing the Eye of Ekron show up was fun; I thought it was a nice nod to 52.

From what I gather this book is being criticized as dialogue heavy. A problem for many readers that seems to be confounded by a sense of humor that didn’t work for them. I, myself, am a big fan of Giffen & Dematteis’ humour. Although I didn’t laugh out loud much in this book I had a grin on my face the whole time. In a lot of ways their sense of humor is the anti-thesis of lets say the Power Girl creative team of Palmiotti and Gray. Their sense of humor has always been deceptively dark and this book is a perfect example. While Paliotti and Gray write these great loving pastiche’s of the innate campiness of superhero comics, Giffen and Dematteis have used that innate campiness as both fodder and screen for some pretty black humor. Sometimes the big weighty moments don’t have the dignity, the gravitas, we would like them to have. Sometimes during genocides kids have to pee. And that’s the brilliance of Giffen and Dematteis, they know how to use the superhero genre to laugh at those absurdities without brusing that the integrity of its readers.

Final Verdict: B


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