Review: The Unwritten #13

Reviewing The Unwritten #13 is difficult.  Reviewing most issues of The Unwritten is difficult, because The Unwritten has, over the last 13 months, maintained a standard of quality that puts nearly every other book on the shelves to shame.  The Unwritten #13 is no exception.

With the fourteenth “Tommy Taylor” novel due out, the world is in a frenzy.  Tom is believed dead, while his father, author Wilson Taylor, is expected to come out of ‘hiding’ and reappear.  In fact, the novel wasn’t written by Taylor, but by his enemies as a ploy to draw Taylor out of hiding, where Pullman will assassinate him.  Meanwhile, Tommy plans to see Wilson at the book release as well, Carey offers an understated suggestion about Lizzie Hexam’s origins, and we see who Peter is really working for.

All of this comes together quickly and efficiently, moving the series’ plot forward in a big way without sacrificing the book’s excellent characterization.  Gross and his art team continue to excel, and while the issue offers little more than scene-setting for the remainder of the arc, Carey and Gross spend add depth and twists to their setting with every new issue.  The Unwritten #13 lacks the punch of some of the best issues of the book, but the well-paced opening to this arc is sure to please fans.

Grade: A-

– Cal Cleary


The Unwritten #12

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