UPDATED: HEROES Cancelled; New Superhero Dramas to Air

In what will come as a surprise to almost no one, NBC has announced that their 1-hour superhero drama Heroes has been cancelled.  After a critically beloved first season, however, Heroes began a rapid quality downslide that never stopped, as half-finished plots joined forces with bland, dull characters and forced drama to create a massive backlash against the show.  Given its expense, Heroes won’t be coming back with anything resembling a season of TV, though no one has ruled out the possibility of a TV movie to complete unfinished story arcs.

Fans of superhero drama, however, shouldn’t be put off – ABC has picked up No Ordinary Family, a drama following a family who gains superpowers after their plane crashes in the Amazon.  Headed by charismatic, capable stars like Michael Chiklis (star of the absolutely stellar The Shield and former Thing in the Fantastic Four films) and Julie Benz (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dexter fame) bodes fairly well.   The show is created by Greg Berlanti (Eli Stone) and Jon Harmon Feldman (Roswell).  If the show is half as good as ABC’s last foray into superheroics – the excellent ABC Family hour-long superhero comedy The Middleman – then we’re in good hands.

Similarly, Fox has picked up Human Target, very loosely based off a DC comics property for a second season.  While there’s not much to the show, it is a fun and surprisingly capable action drama that’s always good for killing 44 minutes.

Update (5/15/10): NBC is quick to replace their fallen superhero show, having announced that they are taking The Cape, the story of a clean cop on a corrupt force who, after a betrayal by his fellow boys in blue, dons a cape and mask.  David Lyons (ER) stars, with Summer Glau (Firefly) and others supporting.  (from HitFix)

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: HEROES Cancelled; New Superhero Dramas to Air

  1. You left out that Marc Guggenheim is the show runner! I know Flashforward might have stained his name for some but lets remember he gave us that wonderful run on the Flash, wrote the upcoming Green Lantern movie and most importantly (to me) gave us one of the most original shows ever: Eli Stone!

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