DC’s August 2010 Solicitations Preview

Apparently, once I start talking about Batman and Robin, I can’t stop.

We’ve just gotten the preview of August’s solicitations, and that Quitely cover has me ecstatic. Why? Well, besides the general beauty of Quitely’s composition, that image takes me way back to Batman #666, which is still probably my favorite singular Morrison Batman issue.

Remember that? Damian was talking about how he basically made a Faustian deal with the devil in exchange for Gotham’s safety. This was a major clue that pointed to Hurt really being Satan. In that same issue, it was also hinted at that Damian caused the death of a close friend of Barbara Gordon.

So, will Batman and Robin #15 see Damian making a deal with Hurt, thus causing the death of Dick Grayson? Probably not, but it’s cool that this was all hinted at in an issue that came out two years ago. So, dig Batman #666 out of your leaky basement and read it again!

-Bruce Castle

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