Batman and Robin #13 Cover

There hasn’t been much chatter about this series on this site, but I’m here to remedy that.

Spoiler warning for Batman and Robin 12!


With that last page, and Dr. Hurt’s inclusion, Grant’s turned the excitement up to eleven. Not even the hodgepodge of lackluster art can diminish that, especially with the reveal of Quitely’s new cover. Just look at it! Since this series began, Morrison’s promised us some Quitely-rendered Joker. Sadly, Quitely’s back was injured, and he’s barely been able to complete his covers, let alone manage interiors. However, with next month’s release of Batman #700, Quitely will be featured on at least a few interior pages.

But, back to that cover, it’s Quitely’s Joker, alright, but it’s still the design that Tony Daniel created for “Batman: RIP.” I don’t think that’ll actually be the version we see in B&R #13, but it’s nice to see Quitely riff on Daniel’s output. And gaze upon that lovable Damian, with an iconic crowbar dangling above “The Thin White Duke of Death’s” head. It’s good stuff!

Here’s hoping Quitely’s back will heal, he’ll design his own Joker, and get to draw the clown on Grant’s interiors soon enough.

-Bruce Castle

3 thoughts on “Batman and Robin #13 Cover

  1. I wonder if the Joker realized that the Batman he is talking to is actually Robin. I saw a cover of Batman #666 featuring Damian as the new Batman, I think its cool to see a darker version of the Batman and having a new tragic hero donning the mantle of the bat.

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