Advanced Review: Irredeemable #13


Note: Irredeemable #13 arrives in stores Wednesday, May 5.

Just as Jean Diaz leaves Incorruptible, Peter Krause’s art fails to grace this issue at all. Diego Barreto, who’s been filling in choice segments in the last few issues, takes over completely here. Barreto is a suitable replacement for Krause. He lacks the Silver Age vibe, but he sports a more contemporary style that’ll probably be more pleasing to most fans. His storytelling is competent, and he even manages to squeeze a few unique layouts in there as well.

Last issue, we saw Paradigm captured by the terrified military. Waid takes a break from that thread and instead takes more time to flesh out Bette Noir’s character, as she reminisces about the consequences her mistake cost the world. Some may tire of this narrative technique, as these flashbacks are prevalent in Irredeemable. Waid pulls it off, though. He continues to build up this world and it’s intriguing inhabitants, while exploring deeper ideas. With Bette’s mistake, Waid reminds us of Einstein’s famous quote: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Waid and new artist, Diego Barreto, complete another solid issue of this good series. Waid continues to entertain, while provoking our thoughts and haunting our dreams. Really, all of that “Mark Waid Is Evil” promotion was true. If you thought the Plutonian vaporizing that baby was bad, this issue is just plain disgusting. But, like any good car crash, we can’t help but watch.

Grade: B+

-Bruce Castle

2 thoughts on “Advanced Review: Irredeemable #13

  1. I thought this issue was terrible. We literally learned NOTHING new in 90% of its pages– we KNOW Bette held back on the candle and feels bad about it. That’s already been covered at great length. This entire issue was just treading water for absolutely no reason. Having her dad yell at her was okay, but you didn’t need a whole issue of setup for that. That was, at best, a 4-page subplot. A LOT more should’ve happened here.

    This series is really starting to drag. It started off so well, but I don’t get the sense anymore that Waid really knows where it’s going. He set Tony up as this uber bad guy, but he doesn’t really do anything bad anymore. He’s just a background threat. Which was fine when we were focusing on how the other heroes were dealing with that, but they basically AREN’T anymore.

    I give this issue a D at best, because NOTHING HAPPENS.

  2. It’s a technique, one you don’t like apparently.

    You start the ground running, which some people complained about, and then you backtrack, which some other people complain about.

    I’m of the belief that it’s never what it’s about, but how it’s about. How much time have we really spent with Bette before this? And we get a lot of pre-Plutonian Paradigm action, too.

    And, as for sheer plot momentum, don’t forget to Modeus bit at the end.

    Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that chicken will come home to roost soon.

    And what about Paradigm getting arrested, and the military with some sort of control? That’s a big deal.

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