Jonah Hex Trailer

I’ve been looking forward to this movie since day one. Jonah Hex is a character who’s always fun to see, and one that is easily adaptable to film. I’m also a fan of Josh Brolin, especially since his kickass year in 2007. He’s a perfect choice for the scarred cowboy. And, of course, the brilliance of John Malkovich’s villainy and Megan Fox as some fiery eye candy are the icing on the cake. It appears, however, that Jonah Hex will not be a success, given that it’ll be competing against Toy Story 3 on June 18. However, as this trailer seems to illustrate, I remain confident that Jonah Hex will, if nothing else, be a a barrel of explosive fun.

Below are some Megan Fox photos from the set. Why? Because Megan Fox is a cool, sexy comic fan, and we need more of those.

-Bruce Castle

9 thoughts on “Jonah Hex Trailer

  1. It looks VERY “Wild Wild West” to me. Brolin and Malkovich are good fun, so there’s potential… but the trailer has some worrisome elements, no foolsies.

  2. question? Is this trailer true to its source? I’ve never read Jonah Hex but I had I thought it was a pretty straight up western not some steampunk/magical realism hybrid.

  3. That’s cold, Seventh. Jon Peters has nothing to do with this movie. No giant spiders in the third act, I hope.

    No, Jonah isn’t very magical in the comics. But, I have no problem with it. He’s a comic book character. Why not give him a bit of zany powers?

  4. I’ve been a fan of the comic for a while, and while it’s true that Jonah doesn’t really have any abilities/powers, I have a feeling that part in the trailer where he brings that guy back to life is a sort of visual metaphor of his tracking abilities. I don’t even mind the change in his scar origins or the tonal shift from a gritty western into more of an action/western/comedy. But of course nerds are going to rage about anything that’s not 100% accurate to the comics, so whatever.

    The movie looks damn entertaining. The one-liners are great, Megan Fox is hot (her ‘accent’ doesn’t really bother me at all), and Michael Fassbender is easily the most overlooked aspect of the trailer (seriously, the 4 seconds he’s in are amazing)

    The only Wild Wild West vibe I get from the trailer is the horse mounted gatling guns, but that’s actually something I could see Hex doing. And let’s be honest, horse mounted guns are one thing, but an 80 foot walking mechanical spider is another thing completely.

  5. Yeah, forget those haters.

    That said, I am unhappy with Megan Fox’s accent. It sounds terrible, and it’ll probably maker her performance more unbearable than normal.

    Oh, well. Maybe the bad accent will make things all the more fun.

  6. Maybe its just me but most of the time when I hear a woman do a ‘Southern’ accent 99% of the time it just seems like an over the top stereotype of a what they think it sounds like. I don’t know if it’s just Fox not being able to do a Southern accent (although she did do a stereotypical Southern accent pretty well on SNL…) but I find hers to be more tolerable than usual for some reason. Although that might be because I find Southern accents to be particularly irritating (especially in women for reason; I swear I’m the farthest thing from a misogynist).

  7. Never had the chance to read a JH title, however I first saw him in an episode of Batman the Animated Series where he filled the shoes of the main character as the episode showed Ras Al Ghul’s son during the old west. Aside from the scar, that’s all I know about Mr. Hex. I would watch the movie though.

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