Review: Incorruptible #5


Well, this is interesting. Incorruptible #5 sees the departure of previous artist, Jean Diaz. Seeing as how Irredeemable is packaged in four-issue trades, Incorruptible probably will be, too, which makes this the start of a new arc, in a sense. So, the new artist, Horacio Domingues, may render the issues in the second trade.

Domingues’ art is a bit inconsistent in this issue. He varies from a post-J. Scott Williams style to downright cartoony. It doesn’t really work for Waid’s street-level drama. In particular, Domingues’ Max Damage is problematic. Jean Diaz drew him with hard edges, and an action-figure look. This worked, especially given Max’s power, making him as unbreakable as he is. Domingues’ Max, however, is rounder, and often has that aforementioned cartoony look. It’s serviceable art, but it’s not as good as what we’ve been seeing.

Mark Waid’s written Incorruptible as more of a slow burn, focusing on the characters that are trying to do good in this post-Plutonian world. That continues here, as Waid spends the entire issue on a plan of Max’s. Max’s actions intrigue us, but it’s not quite enough to fill an entire issue. Waid does introduce us to a new character, but I doubt she’ll have much of a future in Incorruptible.

With Domingues’ problems and Max’s plan not being quite as intriguing as Waid would like, this is probably the worst issue of Incorruptible so far. However, Waid’s built up Max Damage’s universe enough to where I’m still excited for the next issue, and this one’s cliffhanger only increases that excitement.

Grade: C+

-Bruce Castle

2 thoughts on “Review: Incorruptible #5

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the art not matching the story. I was actually pissed I spent money on this. I feel the same about Moon Knight where a nice collaberation between Hurwitz and Opena lasted all of seven issues. The Haut issues would have benefitted from his previous style on the Doom Patrol, but it almost seemed as they were trying to sneak one past us; in the name of seamless transition; all but impossible with two styles as divergent as Opena and Haut. The end result just looked bad. Oh well, another book dropped. Hey, that just opened up a spot for the Bendis/Maleev upcoming creator-owned Scarlett; which no doubt will look and read beautifully. (I know the Bendis/Maleev Spiderwoman also only lasted 7 issues, but at least they had the decency to end it.) Thank you for your time.

  2. Wait, are you dropping Incorruptible as well as Moon Knight, or just Moon Knight?

    Because, as I said, I’d still stick with Incorruptible, if for no other reason than seeing its eventual crossover with Irredeemable.

    But, yeah, I’m looking forward to Scarlett as well.

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