Release date for Batman 3 set!

According to Deadline, an internal memo circulating at Warner Bros. has set a release date for the still untitled third “Batman” film: July 20th, 2012.  Though production has not yet begun, the script, by Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, is near completion, and this puts the film on a deadline that should mean we’ll start getting information on the film in the very near future.

So, who are you all hoping to see in this film?  What villains should pop up?  Personally, I think Deadshot or the Riddler could be done really well in Nolan’s version of the Batverse, and this isn’t just an excuse to bust out this fan-made poster from the Superhero Hype boards for the unknown final movie.


3 thoughts on “Release date for Batman 3 set!

  1. My Idea would be:
    Batman hunted as a criminal, Vicky Vale as the only one who still believes in him, Catwoman as a thief who wants to team up with Bats (’cause she believes he’s now a criminal too) and Black Mask as someone who wants to take up the lead of Gothams Underworld

  2. I had heard they were doing Riddler/Penguin (Jhonny Depp as riddler, Phillip Seymour as Penguin) but that may have been all random rumor crap. I personally hope they go with something that’s not too similar with the Joker. Deadshot would be awesome.

  3. I hope they doing Bane only good this time and set up Azreal for the next one but they have to do Robin first so do Poison Ivy and have her team up with Harley and Catwaoman in the next one. Since Maggie Gylennnnnehall is dead they should have Katie Homes come back and say she was her twin sister for the love interest. New Joker should definitely be Mark Hamill since he is popular from the cartoon.Have him team up with Black Mask who should be played by Johhny Malcovitch

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