Young Justice Cartoon!!

Cartoon Network announced a new slate of cartoons (including a 21st-century relaunch of the Looney Tunes).  Top of the list: Young Justice!

Here’s a quote:

“Also debuting at that time is the 30-minute animated series Young Justice. Loosely based on the DC comic series created by Todd DeZago and Todd Nauck, Young Justice centers on a group of teenage capes out to prove they’re ready for The Justice League. Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Artemis, Miss Martian and Aqualad make up the squad. No footage of the series was screened, so it’s unclear what the tone of the show will be. The comic, under DeZago and later Peter David’s direction, often infused comedy into the drama and action.”

I loved Young Justice.  I still miss it.  I know, the book was polarizing and most people look down their noses at it.  But I find that most of YJ’s detractors never really read the book.  They got the idea that it was for kids and that idea stuck.

I’d love a YJ cartoon that was faithful to the David/Nuack original.  Sadly, this obviously isn’t going to be that show.  But I’m still hopeful.  Yeah, the art looks more like Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans than David’s YJ.  And I bet the only reason the show is called YJ is because there’s already been a show called Teen Titans.  But I’ll take what I can get. 

Who knows?  Maybe if this show is successful enough we can actually get Young Justice back!  Probably not, but I’ll hold out hope.

Let’s look at the line-up.  You’ve got Robin (yay!).  You’ve got Superboy.  Sure, he’s wearing the black T-shirt.  But even I have to admit his old costume was too ’90s to work today.  You’ve got Impul… Kid Flash (sigh).  Hopefully, he’ll act like Bart and not Barry Allen Jr.  That’s the core of YJ right there.  All your missing is…

Wonder Girl.  I assume Artemis is WG under another name and costume.  Are the rights to WG held somewhere else?  I wonder…. (no pun intended, I swear.)

I’ve always liked Miss Martian.  And it plays up ties to the Justice League which seems to be the intent of the show.  And finally, you’ve got Aqualad who appears to have had a race change.  That’s cool.  A little ethnicity is a good thing.  And Aqualad is as good a candidate as any.

I hope, hope, hope this show delivers the goods!  If it’s as good as Cartoon Network’s Brave and the Bold, I’ll be very happy.


3 thoughts on “Young Justice Cartoon!!

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  2. I’m super excited, although I am quite sad that we’ll get darker older Superboy and Kid Flash instead of Impulse. I also want the “Young Justice” books back. They were one of the best things DC ever put out in my opinion. Some “Young Justice Year One” retelling books might be awesome like they did with the “Teen Titans”. I loved those books. XD

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