Greg Rucka Leaving DC

Well, any of you who read Read/RANT with any semblance of frequency have probably noticed, but we like Greg Rucka.  Not everything he does – Action Comics of a particular was deeply flawed, in my own humble opinion – but he can be relied on to turn in some damn fine work, and rarely was it finer than his too-brief run on Detective Comics, during which he managed to turn Batwoman into an interesting, lively character.

Unfortunately, due to something internal at DC, Batwoman isn’t headlining Detective Comics for the full length that Rucka and Williams had hoped she would be.  What’s more, from the sound of it, Batwoman isn’t even getting the solo series Rucka and Williams had suggested they wanted to work on earlier in the year… or, if she is, it’s not with them.

Definitely sad news for comics fans.

Read more at Comics Alliance.

2 thoughts on “Greg Rucka Leaving DC

  1. It’s understandable. Rucka wasn’t a powerful enough writer to have the creative freedom he deserves.

    Do you think he wanted to write Action Comics and BN: Wonder Woman, especially since the latter was already plotted by another writer?

    Still, let’s all mourn the 5 issues of Greg & Jim’s Batwoman we’ll never see.

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