Top 5 Best Comics of February 2010

With March half over, I think now’s a good time for this list, yes? I read 17 comics in February, and these were the best.


5. Green Lantern #51

Why is Green Lantern consistently better than Blackest Night? Is it the Mahnke art? Are expectations lower? Does Johns have more freedom? I think those are all good reasons, but whatever the explanation, it’s true. You’ll find something delightful on just about every page of this comic, and Mahnke makes an argument between a half-baked idea and a Gollum rip-off seem glorious!

4. UC: X #1

For many, this issue marks the return to form for Jeph Loeb. That’s not really true, since Loeb never left his form. But, apparently, fanboys prefer the quieter Loeb, the sentimental, character-driven writer of Superman For All Seasons and Spider-Man: Blue. This is a good sentimental, character-driven comic. It also succeeds in playing with both Ultimate continuity and 616 continuity, as well generate excitement for further issues, and the Ultimate Universe as a whole. Oh, and that Art Adams is no slouch either.

3. Punisher MAX #4

Aaron, Dillon, and Hollingsworth are at the top of their game, providing top-notch comics every month. As you can imagine, their efforts have quickly made Punisher MAX, or whatever the fuck its title is, one of Marvel’s best comics. Aaron smartly marries Ennis’ Marvel Knights and MAX Punisher runs to create a dark, twisted, and hilarious version of Frank, and Dillon expertly renders all of Aaron’s zany ideas. So, this issue’s promise of “The Punisher vs. The Mennonite” as wonderful as it sounds.


2. Batman and Robin #9

Now that “Blackest Knight” is over, I think it can give this title’s first arc a run for its money, which is really saying something. Sure, Cameron Stewart isn’t Frank Quitely, but he’s still pretty damn good. He can orchestrate Morrison’s madcap action just about as well as Quitely can, which makes this issue a visual treat. And, of course, we must thank Grant Morrison for writing the script about Bruce Wayne’s bastard son fighting a twisted, Darkseid-created clone of Bruce Wayne. To the death!


1. Joe the Barbarian #2

We’re in that wonderful period where everyone loves Grant Morrison’s comics. Why? Well, to be frank, it’s because they’re not very deep. They’re not meant to be. And, while I personally prefer Morrison’s heavier works, Joe the Barbarian and Batman and Robin are still great, as you can plainly see. But, forget Grant Morrison for a quick moment. Don’t worry, it’s just a moment. How about that Sean Murphy? Nobody knew him before this project, and now everybody loves him. Bravo!

-Bruce Castle

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