Review: Batman and Robin #10

Batman and Robin #10 marks the beginning of the book’s latest arc, and despite the fact that the issue is notably more low key than most that came before, it also just might be the best the series has offered yet.

Clarke and Hanna do an excellent job on the art.  Though the book is fairly light on action, particularly when placed next to every other issue in the series, they do excellent work on all the characters, particularly Damian and the mysterious Oberon Sexton.  Their art is well-matched with a script that sets up the Return of Bruce Wayne in some clever, fun ways that ring as classically Batman without being overused at any point in the mythos.  Morrison makes excellent use of Damian’s slow growth over the last year, and sets up a brutal, late-game twist that makes perfect sense, but bodes poorly for the burgeoning young hero and his mentor.  The book is fun, exciting and thrilling: it’s everything you want out of a Batman book, well-executed on all fronts.

Grade: A

– Cal Cleary

Batman and Robin #9

Batman and Robin #8

5 thoughts on “Review: Batman and Robin #10

  1. Random item: I don’t like this new formatting thing where the posts are getting page breaks. This blog’s posts are short enough that they’re not needed, and just make it take too long to read multiple posts.

    • Pfft! I said everything you said but better, DC! I should slap your mother for spawning such an unnecessary child!

      And you wondered why my avatar featured Damian…

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Spud!

    The format is used for a few reasons:

    1. Everybody else does it. Seriously, everyone! We have to be conformists, Spud. We’re not Goth!

    2. Some of our posts are ridiculously long. When you have those “Top Ten” lists, with a picture an article for all ten? That gets way too bothersome to scroll past on the front page.

    3. It gives individual posts more hits, giving us a better idea of what you guys want to read about.

    Of course, I haven’t used this format. So, for all I know, DC and Seventh did it just to torment you.

  3. I think you raise a good point, though. I give my colleagues two suggestions:

    1. When it’s this short a post, maybe don’t bother.

    2. Don’t lead in with anything if it’s self-explanatory. Everyone knows what they’ll find when “Review” is in the title. So, just post the picture and then just the link to read more.

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