Review: X-Men: Pixies Strikes Back! #1 (of 4)

Kathryn Immonen won a great deal of good will from me with her excellent (if somewhat surreal) Patsy Walker: Hellcat last year.  Despite low sales and mixed critical reception, however, Immonen seemed to be on her way up, put on one of the very, very few successful modern franchise creations: Runaways.  The book thwarted more polished creators than her, however, with Joss Whedon and Terry Moore both coming off troubled runs, and Immonen proved no different.  Now she returns, however, with X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back, a mini-series that appears to have decided that Patsy Walker: Hellcat was just a little too normal.

Runaways artist Sara Pichelli joins Imonnen here, and while her style feels notably different than in her previous book, the dreamy, exaggerated style serves the plot well.  Pichelli’s cartoonish exaggeration fits into Immonen’s hyper-energetic world perfectly.  Though the issue may be a bit disconcerting to many, it’s energy, charm and savvy definitely deserve some notice.  From fake high schoolers talking in bizarre quotes to random bouts of high school violence, Pixie Strikes Back offers up a variety of surreal action that’s sure to baffle, confuse and entertain.

Grade: B+

– Cal Cleary



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