Advanced Review: Irredeemable #10

Note: Irredeemable #10 arrives in stores Wednesday, January 27.

Now that we’ve gotten a chance to learn about all the characters, Irredeemable is less about a Superman analog as it is about an entire team of superheroes. Irredeemable is known, at least by me, as a book that has two cliffhangers. Well, this issue follows three plotlines and yes, contains three cliffhangers! Just more proof that Waid is a master of serialized superhero storytelling.

The first plotline involves Kaidan and Cary. If you thought Cary was letting his extra power go to his head last issue, you aint seen nothin’ yet. The second plotline involves Gil and Bette, dealing with the revelation of Bette’s affair with the Plutonian. The third plotline involves the Plutonian and his old best friend, who may not be all that he seems. This issue contains a flashback, putting another spin on the Plutonian’s Superman similarity, as well as possibly the goriest moment ever seen in Irredeemable.

Peter Krause, the regular artist, is assisted here by Diego Barreto, who handles all the Gil and Bette scenes. Readers may actually prefer Barreto’s more contemporary style to Krause’s classical one. Both men do their jobs well, and the transition between the two isn’t jarring.

Waid continues to fire on all cylinders, packing each issue with as much superhero fun as he can. The book has a dark tone. It’s used, not to make superheroes trashy and sexy, but to treat its characters with respect, by using realistic and rational thinking. Irredeemable is one of the best superhero comics on the shelves, and this issue is another example of that.

Grade: A-

-Bruce Castle

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