Review: Siege #1

Built on an undeniably flawed premise – that somehow, by shooting someone once, a known and medicated sociopath would be given control of the vast bulk of the world’s metahuman forces with absolutely no oversight – Siege #1 nonetheless manages to be Bendis’ most focused work in some time, avoiding most of the traps his earlier events all fell prey to.  Osborn, finally going completely off the hinge, follows the advice of Loki and sets events in motion meant to kick start a war with Asgard.  Instead of waiting for the President’s say so, which he would almost assuredly get, he uses his lack of oversight and the ramshackle nature of the hastily-assembled HAMMER infrastruction to launch the war himself, gathering his Avengers and the Initiative and storming the gates of Asgard.

Coipel did not impress me in the preview, but his versatility is on good display here, easily handling everything Bendis asks him to.  The action scenes are quick and dynamic, while the larger-scale images are often quite memorable, from Volstag riding out of Asgard early in the issue to Thor rocketing down from the skies above near the end.  Adept at both epic action and quieter scenes of dialogue, Coipel has proven an excellent choice.

Bendis and Coipel work well together here, and the story moves quickly and believably into place with this issue.  Siege #1 pairs an intriguing, action-packed premise with a pair of fine storytellers turning in good work.  While there’s still room to go sour, especially given the borderline nonsensical conclusions to House of M and Secret Invasion, this issue nonetheless gives me a great deal of hope.  Quick and exciting, Siege #1 delivers exactly what it needs to in order to get you hooked.

Grade: B+

– Cal Cleary


16 thoughts on “Review: Siege #1

  1. The utter absurdity of Osborn being in his current position stops me from even beginning to get into any of these recent events. It’s never made a scrap of sense since the beginning, and it’s baffling to me that Marvel continues to hinge massive arcs on it.

    Boo-urns on the whole thing. And boo-urns to this event on its own, because it made JMS leave Thor. JMS’ thor was one of the best things on the shelves these days. 😦

    • Spud, if you’re interested in doing another set (or something smaller), Gugs and I are in.

      No clue if you are, especially given the state of the VS community right now, but I thought I should let you know.

  2. Props for using “boo-urns,” but I’m so glad JMS is off Thor, and that Fraction is coming on!

    Read Brave and the Bold. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot clown pole, but I hear it’s good.

    Siege #1 isn’t better than SI #1, and it’s as dumb as a rock, but it is fun. Oh, and the main reason why the art is pretty is Laura Martin.

    Shame on you for not mentioning her, Seventh. Sexist!

  3. I also absolutely despise the whole Osborn twist – it’s just another in a disappointingly long line of WORLD SHAKING TWISTS Marvel throws at you that are dependent on both the audience and the general populace of the MU being mind-numbingly stupid.

    That said, I kind of appreciate that it only took Osborn a matter of a few weeks to implode. MU Obama should be impeachable for giving him the job in the first place, but that would hurt their sense of ‘realism’ or something.

    Also, Bruce, I have to disagree – Siege #1 has the benefit of things happening. SI #1 was dull as dirt.

  4. You can call SI itself dull as dirt, but not the first issue.

    Shit hit the fan. We were thoroughly infiltrated. Skrulls revealed themselves as our heroes. And, at the end, there was one hell of a cliffhanger.

    Not to mention Leinil Yu’s art looking better than ever, far surpassing Coipel’s output in this issue.

  5. This was boring and predictable. I’ve been following a bunch of the Dark reign stuff and some of it is alright, but shifting the focus towards Asgard just reeks of Marvel wanting to have a Thor-related trade/hardcover out by the time the Thor film is released. Norman’s motivation is just that poor.

  6. Which means it will make a great companion piece to the Fraction Thor collections when they are released then.

    The shift towards Asgard is too jarring and out-of-nowhere to not think otherwise, even with Loki on the Cabal.

  7. And why did the same d-listers from the Hood posse who incited the Volstagg incident (which was captured on film), later show up to help out Osborn on camera?

  8. I think those d-listers are part of one of those 50 state teams made up of “reformed” villains, so that’s why they were out in the open helping Osborn. I’m not sure if that makes it any less stupid or not.

    I’ve been half-following Thor for the last couple months, and isn’t Asgard in Latveria right now? Does this story take place before the move to Latveria? Otherwise I have no idea what’s going on.

    By the way, I really want to see Thor bash the Sentry’s head in. Hopefully we’ll get more Sentry vs. Thor action later on.

  9. More stupid. They’re a famous super hero team and still nobody realizes that they’re the ones behind the stadium incident. To make matters worse, they’re on the front lines in the siege as well. So stupid…

    Yes, everybody’s wondering that, and it still hasn’t been explained, to my knowledge.

    Everyone wants that fight. It might happen.

  10. The reason the D-list villains who did this aren’t getting blamed is because the populace of the MU doesn’t give a shit about villains, they only care about tearing apart heroes.

    Because Marvel is realistic and edgy and grim and gritty and realistic. Also, they are the ultimate of extremes.

    Seriously, if I couldn’t stomach gaping plot-holes and nonsensical motives, I wouldn’t be able to read ANYTHING from the Marvel Universe. You kind of have to take my Marvel reviews with that in mind.

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