Review: Irredeemable #9

Irredeemable’s focus has shifted. The Plutonian isn’t the star anymore. In fact, he spends the bulk of this issue in the fetal position. I’m not even sure he’s a threat anymore. Try telling that to Charybdis or the military. They’re still taking things seriously, summoning all their power. Speaking of power, with Plutonian out of the spotlight, Waid’s not commenting on Internet trolls anymore. No, he’s more concerned with the corruption of power. One of this issue’s patented two cliffhangers shows just how bad power can be, even in the hands of the good guys.

But, forget about the subtext, and Waid still entertains you. He finds a comfortable blend of the thought-provoking and the fun. What can be more fun than villains making cosmic deals, the military using demons, and the heroes beginning to fight amongst themselves. Oh, and Waid still manages to feed us some more backstory on the Plutonian, and all of Paradigm.

Waid’s firing on all cylinders, and Krause is rendering his writer’s madness with ease. Irredeemable continues to be one of the best superhero comics around.

Grade: A-

-Bruce Castle

2 thoughts on “Review: Irredeemable #9

  1. I’m not really thrilled with the “Plutonian not a huge threat anymore” twist. That was kind of supposed to be the central premise of the series, and it seemed like they still had a lot more to explore within that theme.

    I also found the crowd’s reaction at the end of #9 weird. I had the same reaction the Survivor did– why weren’t they cheering? That should’ve been good news, at least at first. The crowd’s immediate hesitation and fear seemed really forced and unnatural.

  2. You can’t have an entire ongoing about Superman gone bad. You have to spice things up. The Plutonian’s down, but now out.

    Finding the crowd’s reaction disagreeable is quite natural, but forced? I think it’s probable that they would react that way, and it’s certainly what Waid’s after.

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