Review: The Unwritten #8

The Unwritten #8, billed as an Interlude to “The Inside Man” arc currently running, runs concurrently to issues #6-7, this time following the family of Governor Chadron.  Chadron’s two children are Tommy Taylor superfans, to the point that the daughter has trouble separating the real world from Taylor’s fictional one, while Chadron himself nurses their fantasies as the last, precious remnants of their childhood innocence.  In a continuing theme of The Unwritten, the line between fantasy and reality blurs, and people get hurt.

Gross continues to do excellent work, ably illustrating the children’s world.  The Unwritten #8 is an interesting twist on the story, further setting up the climax of the “Inside Man” arc and setting up a potentially tragic endgame.  As the cover suggests, this issue follows two children pulled too far into the wonder of Tommy’s world, left to deal with the darker side of a conflict they have no part in.  Carey has alluded before to the immense popularity of the Tommy Taylor books, and later to the possible negative effects his arrests might have on the fans, but this is the first time he’s dealt with either issue directly.  The results are suitably chilling.

Grade: B+

The Unwritten #6

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