Review: Secret Six #16

While Nicola Scott takes a few issues off to work with Greg Rucka on Blackest Night: Wonder Woman, Gail Simone keeps pushing forward with one of the best mainstream comics on the shelves today, joined now by Peter Nguyen on art.  Reintroducing one of Simone’s favorite characters, Black Alice, Secret Six #16 deals with her attempts to join the team, willing to make a little money at any cost – an idea that intrigues the greedy, underpowered team.

Nguyen does fine fill-in work here.  If he doesn’t fill Scott’s rather impressive shoes completely, he at least proves himself a good choice to follow her, managing to successfully emulate her style without resorting to mimicry.  From the father’s fear and terror early in the issue to the fight at the strip club, Nguyen illustrates a fair amount of diversity with the issue.  While Scott’s absence is felt, of course, Nguyen proves to be an able replacement.

This is a fairly slight issue, but then, Secret Six has always been more about the characters than plotting, and this one had a number of good character moments.  It also had supervillain-themed strippers, torture, a little superpowered violence, some more strippers, and the reintroduction of Scandal’s new girlfriend, Liana.  With Black Alice on the team, things are sure to go downhill quickly, and, as always, the worse off things are for the Six, the more entertaining things are for us.

Grade: B+

– Cal Cleary


Secret Six #15

4 thoughts on “Review: Secret Six #16

  1. Fun fact: I know the artist through the interwebs. We’ve been part of the same video game community since 2002, and this is his first published comics work. It’s been really exciting over the years to watch his work evolve as he went through art school, and I’m positively chuffed to see him finally breaking into the industry.

    Yay for random tangents. 🙂

  2. That’s pretty cool. Didn’t know this was his first published work, actually – if so, congrats, Peter, it was excellent!

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