Review: Wonder Woman #38

With its third issue, Simone kicks “Warkiller” into high gear with one of the book’s strongest issues.  Trapped in an impossible situation by the whims of the gods, Themyscira is on the verge of all-out war.  Alkyone, now Queen of Themyscira, is fomenting war with her every move.  The Bana-Mighdall are threatening rebellion, the apes have been betrayed, and Diana is scheduled to be executed in a matter of days.  And that’s far from the worst.

As with the best issues of her run on Wonder Woman, Simone deftly combines exciting action beats with notable character moments that add to the issue’s flow, rather than detracting from it.  Much of the set-up of the previous two issues comes to fruition as the climax strikes, though part of the excitement is derailed by two strange twists that almost detract from the thrill of seeing everything fall apart – the return of Genocide’s spirit, and a monstrous entity living on Paradise Isle.  Though the book loses a little bit of momentum with those moments, there’s still an issue left to see how they play out.

With Lopresti and Ryan continuing to do stellar work on art, Wonder Woman #38 is certainly a success.  Simone’s run has been uneven, but between the action-packed “Rise of the Olympian”, the fun-but-slight “Birds of Paradise” and the impressively condensed “Warkiller”, an argument could be made that Simone has finally found the book’s sweet spot.  Few books get second chances with today’s audience. Wonder Woman deserves one.

Grade: A-

– Cal Cleary


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