Review: The Great Ten #1


A couple years back, DC’s excellent 52 introduced us to a team of Chinese superheroes – or, as they were called by their government, super-functionaries – called the Great Ten.  Throughout the time, and for a good while after, there was frequent talk of a Great Ten miniseries in the works.  Talk eventually died down, and outside of a few cameos in comics like Checkmate, the team was largely forgotten… which is the perfect time to launch that mini, right?

Happily, while the book isn’t nearly as off-the-wall as it could have been with a more daring creative team, Tony Bedard and Scott McDaniel provide a solid superhero tale set-up so that it can give us a great deal of background on these new characters without slowing the book’s pace to oblivion.  The opening issue, featuring the origin of Accomplished Perfect Physician, the team’s most rebellious member, offers solid action combined with some clunky (if admittedly unavoidable) social commentary and a fascinating new team with an interesting mythology behind them.

McDaniel does a fine job on art.  Illustrating scenes with a character whose powers are all based on sound – Accomplished Perfect Physician can diagnose and cure illnesses, stop bullets and earthquakes, and do a whole lot more with nothing more than whistles, hums, growls and shouts – but McDaniel keeps it fairly simple, never letting the page get too cluttered or confused.

The Great Ten #1 never rises beyond an action comic, despite its attempts at social commentary, but it doesn’t need to – the action is quick, fun and to the point, all either furthering the plot or helping us get into the head of one of our characters.  If each issue can introduce us so nicely to another member of the team, future creators will have an excellent blueprint of these characters with which to work.  A worthwhile purchase for fans of myth-based comics, Bedard and McDaniel are turning in solid, fun work.

Grade: B+

– Cal Cleary



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