Review: Secret Six #14


Secret Six is the rare book that continually exceeds my expectations.  The Depths has been the best story arc yet.  And the final chapter delivers everything I was hoping for, but not the way I expected.

Of course the fragmented team comes together and find themselves fighting side by side instead of against one another.  Of course the vile slavers get what’s coming to them.  There are showdowns and cathartic breakthroughs.  Relationships are tested, torn apart and mended.  And the team itself is changed in a significant by very logical way.

You want to see Amazons rise up against their jailers?  It’s in there.  Ragman taking matters into his own hands with a monkey wrench?  You betcha.  Scandal Savage creating a Venom-fueled monster to fight Grendel?  Done.  Deadshot being just plain awesome?  Oh hell yeah!

Fans of Gail Simone have come to expect a frothy mix of high-octane action, deeply personal characterizations and laugh-out-loud funny dialogue.  Only a writer of Simone’s caliber could manage to deliver such a morally ambigous tale and make it so darn entertaining.  She takes a cast of characters who are mostly reprehensible and makes them relatable without fully redeeming them.

Few artists could be expected to capture both the action and the emotion of this series.  But Nicola Scott is up to the challenge.  Scott’s action jumps off the page.  But she really shines at character work.  Her faces are expressive.  Even the way Scott’s characters hold themselves tells you volumes about who they are and what they are thinking.

Secret Six is the book I always look forward to every month.  And it just keeps getting better.

Secret Six #13


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