Review: Green Lantern Corps #41

GL Corps #41 001

Spoiler Warning: Nothing happens in this issue. 

Well, nothing important anyway.

Actually the same thing happens over and over again.  A dead Green Lantern taunts a living Green Lantern.  The living Green Lantern declares that he or she knows that the dead Green Lantern isn’t the real thing.  And then the living Green Lantern blows up the dead Green Lantern and they start to re-form.

This sequence of events repeats seveal times.  First it’s Guy and Ke’Haan.  Then it’s Kyle and Jade followed by Soranik and Jade.  Next comes Arisia and her family.  Finally, Kilowog takes on Ermey.

That’s it.  That’s the whole comic except for the last couple of pages.  That’s when the evil kids and Indigo Lanterns show up with no explanation.

Yep, this issue is Blackest Night filler.  Pure and simple.  I wouldn’t even mind it so much if Tomasi’s filler wasn’t so damned repetitive.  Switch it up a bit, Pete!

The saving grace for me is Patrick Gleason.  I know he’s something of an acquired taste, but I love his weird style on this book.  It’s especially appropriate for the horror/sci-fi mash-up of Blackest Night.

If you’re reading Blackest Night and you want to save $3, this one is skippable, gang.


5 thoughts on “Review: Green Lantern Corps #41

  1. Great review. I agree it was like reading the same scene 5 times. I have to disagree on Gleason though. His art seems to digress every issue. I can’t wait until he leaves the title.

    • I know Gleason’s not for everybody. And I wouldn’t like him as well on another book.

      This issue I enjoyed some of his crazy art even though the story bored me beyond belief.

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