Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1

Writing: Bendis continues his Ultimate Spider-Man work, with a six month jump after Ultimatum. Peter has a job, and is romantically involved with Gwen Stacy. A new mysterious figure, who looks like the Hood, shows up, and appears to be a hero. These events are all well and good, but the narrative barely progresses. Bendis is more comfortable spending four pages on an old lady upset about French fries.

Art: Lafuente’s art is already the subject of much controversy, being criticized for looking “too cartoony.” I’ll admit, it’s not to my liking. It’s the kind of art that can’t properly delve into the realm of maturity. That doesn’t seem to be Bendis’ objective anyway, so, for what it’s a part of, Lafuente’s art gets the job done. Hopefully, over time, his comedic skills will improve, as his work doesn’t have the humor it should.

Final Word: Bendis’ writing has upset me lately, and this is no exception. It’s just not for me. He spends so much time on such insignificant details. That’d be fine, I suppose, but it’s not even that amusing. I wonder if this series will be as popular. With a worse artist, and a pretty good weekly Spidey series to compete with, why bother?

Grade: D+

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1

  1. Nice review Castle. I’m glad I saved my money on this one. Flipping through it at the shop, I couldn’t look at the art long enough to read Bendis’ terrible dialogue.

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