Review: Dark Avengers #7

Writing: Well, if you’ve been waiting for some action, here it is. Although, the fight may not be what you think, but fighting isn’t the point. It hasn’t been the point in anything Fraction’s written. What Fraction presents is a series of events that are logical, while entertaining, of course. Every move the characters make feels organic, and that, if nothing else, is the strength of this crossover.

Art: The word is that Luke Ross was a last-minute addition, since Deodato had been tapped to draw the conclusion, Exodus. Ross was probably rushed here, but, to his credit, it doesn’t really show. Those who just saw his work in Captain America will get a different look here, paying homage to Deadato while doing his own thing. It would’ve been nice if Ross wasn’t rushed, and Deodato had rendered the issue as planned, but I guess Tom Brevoort, the editor, didn’t have anyone left in his bullpen to draw the last special.

Final Word: Fraction is dealing with over a dozen players here, and he pulls it off with ease. And, don’t worry. Thanks to Fraction’s witty introductions, and those handy-dandy recaps that Marvel provides, you won’t be lost, even if you haven’t picked up the first two parts. We’re halfway through this crossover now, and the tension is percolating. I can’t wait to see the payoff.

Grade: B+

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4 thoughts on “Review: Dark Avengers #7

  1. I love the Dark Beast. I didn’t think he’s be getting much exposure and would just be a decoy for the public, but instead he’s getting more screentime than the majority of them.

  2. Eh, Fraction devoted an entire special to Namor recently. Omega, Cloak, and Dagger got some decent screen time in the X-Men issue.

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