Advanced Review: Irredeemable #4

Note: Irredeemable #4 arrives in stores Wednesday, July 1.

Writing: Mark Waid is Evil.” That was the teaser for this series. Of course, I never actually thought of Mark Waid as evil, until now. This issue plays out like the first three have. A flashback here. Some Plutonian hints there. And then there’s the usual, mind-melting massacre! What set this issue’s WTF moment apart from the rest? Because this one is on a much more global scale, and that’s all I’ll say about it.

Art: I don’t think enough has been said about Krause’s art. The man never misses a beat. Alien worlds, people exploding, disintegrating babies, Waid has thrown a lot of crazy stuff at Krause and he’s always captured the right image. Even though Waid is still having fun being cruel, there are plenty of character-driven scenes that require the right pose, facial expression, etc. And Krause renders those well too.

Final Word: Waid, or the Plutonian, (They’re both evil) is still on a rampage. We’re getting to know the characters, but it’s hard to connect because they keep dying. Besides the superhero-caused-carnage, Irredeemable is also at its best when we catch a glimpse of the Plutonian’s motive or the reason behind his newfound evil. Thankfully, both are in this issue.

Grade: B+

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